Brows vs No Brows

Hello Poutlings,

 Something, we all at PoutPerfection, hold very dearly  and close to our face and are rather protective of, lets look at why we need them…

Sandy Cohen: “Eyebrows are a symbol of power!”

Seth Cohen: “Well then you must be the most powerful man on earth, Dad.”

These immortal words from The OC  have always stuck with me as someone who possesses rather distinctive eyebrows. I’ve always liked mine and I can’t imagine what I’d look like without them.

Probably like a freakshow, which is what this rather strange website has proven. CelebsWithNoEyebrows is exactly what it sounds like, a place where there are countless pictures of celebrities without eyebrows to show just how important they are to making us not look like escaped mental patients.

Doesn’t the world look better with eyebrows?

Look after yours!



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10 responses to “Brows vs No Brows

  1. hahahaha wow what a scary thought having a world without brows O.o

  2. No, no, no, no, no, That’s just wrong!
    But surprisingly, Olivia Wilde still looks the same without any eyebrows. 😛

  3. eeek that is scary! thanks for the heads up i won’t be visiting that site lol what you showed was more than enough for me. i think leo looks like an alien LOL!

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