Manic Monday product review ~ black│Up Matifying Base

Hello pretty pouters.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and started your X-mas shopping, I’m finished with mine, thank goodness.


So, here’s another quick product review, while I have a much needed cuppa joe…


Today under my spotlight is another great product received from Rubybox.


black│Up Matifying Base

Yes ladies, listen up! This is a product you definitely want in your makeup bag, or makeup kit.

This product sells for about R375 for 30ml

This Base / primer is described as the ultimate shine buster, dare I say, I agree. This wonderful product immediately soaks up excess oil, makes pores less visible and instantly preps the skin so that you can apply your favourite makeup.


Your skin stays matt the entire day and silky soft. Yeh, you won’t be able to resist touching your face during the day. And best of all, your makeup stays on your face longer.

Apply this product sparingly after moisturising your face, I do say sparingly, because a little bit of this goes a looooong way.  You can also just wear this without wearing any makeup, for a natural look without that midday oily shine.


So go on, you owe it to yourself to be silky soft and shine free!


Have a pouty perfect day!


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6 responses to “Manic Monday product review ~ black│Up Matifying Base

  1. I heart black up, especially for ethnic skin…. they are mac for ethnic skin and their colour selections and quality… TO DIE FOR!!

  2. Thank you for this amazing post! It has long been really valuable. I wish which you will carry on posting your expertise with us.

  3. Boy that rellay helps me the heck out.

  4. This would have to be a new blog. Something that you want to read about, but havent found online. This can be religious, fashion-based, etc. Im just getting some ideas for the blog i want to start- Thanks!.

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