FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) at BEAUTY PAGEANTS

Happy Wednesday Amigo’s and Amiga’s!

Are you interested in pageants?  Do you want to be a pageant queen?

Are you all beauty and no brains? (haha)

Are you prepared for the difficult questions you’ll be faced with? 

If not, let’s get you prepared!  Here are the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) asked in pageants!

1)  Who is your biggest role model?

Goodness me, don’t say Nelson Mandela!  Especially if you’re not South-African. 

2)  What famous person is your personality most like?

Get to the point – “I’m a diva, so basically I’m like Mariah, J-Lo or Mary J.”

3)  What quality do you like most about yourself and why?

“My confidence!” – Bleh, you like your big boobs!  They get you a lot of  attention.  Wait, is that a quality or a physical attribute?  Either way, it contributes to that confidence level!

4)  Name 3 words that describe you and how.

Try not to use the words blessed, happy, lucky or funny.  Now think of 3 words!  Difficult isn’t it?

5)  What is the biggest challenge to youth today?

Sandylash would say:  “To not fall pregnant!” (haha, oh it’s true!!!)

6)  What is the one feature you would change about yourself and why?

So we all know the classic answer!  “I believe you should be happy just the way God made you.”  Really??  Fine, then wash that makeup off, don’t poof up your hair with hairspray!  Unwhite your teeth!  Take off all that glitz and glamour and see then if you’re going to win the competition!  Beauty queens can come up with such BS with this question!  Just be honest!  You want a freaking boob job!

7)  What is your definition of success?

“To live happily ever after, married with children.” – Should of said:  “Winning this competition baby!!!!!”

8)  If you could be on any cover of a magazine, which one would you choose and why?

“TIME Magazine, because I’d like to inspire the world.”  Stop lying, you want to end up on PLAYBOY!  Especially when your popularity dies down! 

9)  What community organizations are you involved in and why?

“Yeah, I believe in helping the less fortunate.  We are so lucky to be in a position to help the needy, like people in shelters.” – What should have been said:  “Yeah, I believe in helping the less fortunate to make myself look better.  Like I actually give a crap.”

10)  If you could have dinner with someone famous (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

FFS, don’t you dare say Nelson Mandela here either! 

and the ultimate question always asked at beauty pageants…

11)  If you could only bring one possession with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why?

Don’t say satellite phone either!  Actually ask the judge this:  “Why the hell would I want to be deserted on an island?  With all due respect, what kind of question is that?”

So I hope you know I was just being sarcastic with most answers.  Most!  Yes, beauty pageants are platforms where women can become famous which would help them getting to know powerful people.   Contestants  in pageants aren’t stupid.  They are bright, beautiful and powerful women who are doing much more for their communities and countries that what most us are.  Contestants should try and answer questions fairly and obviously in a  politically correct manner.  I’d much rather see a trained beauty queen than a dumbass. 

It’s a fact, beautiful people get further in life.  So make sure you’re a bloody awesome and smart beauty at that!

That being said:




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15 responses to “FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) at BEAUTY PAGEANTS

  1. I LOL’d so hard at that girl first time I saw that. *facepalm*

  2. Sandra… be honest, are you going to enter Mrs South Africa once your happily married?
    I’d vote for you, for president. haha xx

  3. hilarious! You just got yourself another follower 🙂

  4. As soon as I found this website I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

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  8. gunveen

    f… i was reading it so attentively and thought it wud contain something fruitful…but lol..it was hilarious

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    I will recommend this blog!

  10. It’s an awesome article in support of all the web visitors; they will get benefit from it I am sure.

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