Then & Now: Stars of Twilight

Hiya Poutlings ❀

Everyone is crazy about the stars of Twilight but what did they look like before they were famous? Here are some of the cast members before they were swallowed up by Hollywood. Be prepared to say “aww”!

Kristen Stewart - THEN and NOW as Bella Swan

Brycedall Showard - THEN and NOW as Victoria

Kellan Lutz THEN and NOW as Emmet Cullen

Robert Pattison THEN and NOW as Edward Cullen

Maggie Grace THEN and NOW as Irina Denali

Anna Kendrick THEN and NOW as Jessica Stanley

Jackson Rathbone THEN and NOW as Jasper Hale

Taylor Lautner THEN and NOW as Jacob

Niki Reed THEN and NOW as Rosalie

Ashley Green THEN and NOW as alice Cullen

Did you say “aww”? No? Well this one sure will make you say “aww” and if you don’t you have a heart of stone! πŸ˜›

Robert Pattison when he was cute πŸ˜›

Pout on!



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5 responses to “Then & Now: Stars of Twilight

  1. Awww Jacob (Taylor Lautner), was still cute and sexy back in the day πŸ™‚

  2. Jacob has a varkneusie. haha. awww

  3. Awwww can’t I just have the cute grown up versions for Xmas pretty please? πŸ˜›

  4. Please teach the rest of these internet hoolganis how to write and research!

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