Jessie J – The Lipstick Queen

Hiya Pouters…

So you know the radio plays those terribly annoying tunes called “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Do it like a dude” and “Who You Are” , right? And the girl who sings them is a British brunette with a tendency to pull her face terribly weird in her music videos? Well, her name is Jessie J, and although I am not a terribly big fan of her music or her attitude, I am a fan of her choice in lippy!

Always the creative one, she goes from pretty pink, to devious red to spikes on her lips in the video for “Do it like a dude” and pink studded lips – I think she’s done it all.

So what do you think of her lips?

Have a fantabulous weekend beautiful pouters…

Peace and Love xoxox



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5 responses to “Jessie J – The Lipstick Queen

  1. she is an interesting person. I love this post! It’s just soooo. Kissable. haha. Hope she doesn’t read that, since she is bisexual. I have enough attention already. pffft. haha xx

  2. lenito

    Awesome lipstick.
    I disagree with you on her attitude and music. I think Jessie J has an inspiring and positive attitude. She probably has one of the greatest personalities among celebrities. Moo @ you Little Rinda!

    • To be totally honest I’ve never watched an interview with her so I could be wrong, just don’t like the way she pulls her face sometimes hehe! But those lips are so kissable! I want!

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