Style Star to watch: Chloe Moretz

You may know her from movies like Kick Ass, Let me In and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but did you know this feisty 14-year-old is taking over the fashion world? Well, with her cutting edge style and classiness to pull them off, she is fast becoming one of the most talked about celebrities on the style front!

She’s also been gracing many a magazine lately and her latest one is ASOS January 2012 where she happily talks about her mom and acting alongside Johnny Depp in “Dark Shadows”:

“My mom’s smart, she knows what’s going on. I’m in the sort of business where anything could happen. I respect her for being strict, even though we fight about it.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to go on set each day with Johnny Depp. I have to pinch myself. How did this happen? How do you end up in a movie with all of these people?”

And unlike people like Ali Lohan (for example), she’s not too big for her shoes. She still acts her age, even though it’s clear she is very mature.

I think she’s awesome and a great role model!

Peace and love xoxox



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7 responses to “Style Star to watch: Chloe Moretz

  1. Some really wonderful work on behalf of the owner of this web site, utterly great content.

  2. GeelyV

    i think this little chicky is sooo awesome 🙂 i cant wait til she’s recognised by the big labels, imagine how she could pull off something from armani…

  3. Qing

    She is not only going to be absolutely gorgeous as she gets older, she is also going to be a great actress. A very bright future for this beautiful, talented girl. I’m looking forward to watching her grow.

  4. Robert

    I am curious, what exactly makes a teenage girl that gets s…loads of money for saying a few words, a role model? Is it because she’s very attractive? Yeah what an achievement on her side, good job, guess I f… up when it was time to ‘become’ beautiful….

    I mean, seriously, is this what counts as a role model in our society? Really?? How sick has this society become.

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