Do you and your other half  look or dress alike?

Did you even take notice?

I say there are 5 categories.. They are…

  1. Dressing the kids the same
  2. Couples who purposely dress the same
  3. Couples who dress the same, due to similar lifestyle
  4. Couples who try to dress the same and get it all wrong
  5. Lastly, families who all dress the same

Let’s look at the first point.  Dressing the kids the same:

I think this is what parents do when they have too many kids.  Makes the kiddies easier to spot in a large crowd.  Unless they’re twins.  Then it just makes everything pretty darn easy.  I think it’s freaky.  Surely your taking a bit away from finding their own identity?  It’s probably convenient, take one twin shopping, if he/she likes it.  The other one at home will too. hmmm

2.  Couples who purposely dress alike

These are the kinds of couples that plan the look.  They say:  “Hey, you look nice, let’s dress alike.  Be all couple-like.”  Guess this is a sign of an emotional attachment in a physical form?  I think it’s cute.  But when does this look go wrong?

When they try to darn hard with the wrong clothes.  The woman should look feminine while the man, still looks manly.  Using the same colours in different textures can work like a charm.  Just mix it up a little.  Then it won’t look like it was pre-made in an artificially-enseminated-fashion-lab!

In (pic 2)  JT and Jessica Biel look a tad too alike, but what made it work for them, was that it was a casual look and they weren’t planning on being photographed.  Why Posh and Becks?  Well, they always look the same regardless of the colours they use, because they both so bloody stylish.  Nicollete Sheridan and Michael Bolton are the perfect example in this picture of the perfect matching couple.  Both wearing denim, but she has heels and accessories.  This is how it’s done!

3.  Couples who dress the same due to similar lifestyles

These kinds of couples met through a mutual interest.  Book reading club?  Library?  Rock show?  Art show?  Well, you get the idea.  Can be anything really.  Usually, the look is so natural that it looks effortless and perfect. Boho Chic… It’s not planned..  It’s just who they are.  Gotta love it.

4.  Couples who try to dress the same, and get it all wrong.

Yes, ok we get it!  You REALLY want us to know you’re a couple.  Try so hard to still get it wrong.  Katie Holmes pulls off a suit better than her hubby does.  WTF!  If  we can’t differentiate one from the other, then you have issues.  Really.  In most cases, you’re thinking… “Who’s who?”  So wrong in so many ways.

5.  Families who dress alike

Families who dress alike can be extremely sweet..  But, the same rules apply here with the whole “MIX IT UP” mentality…   It’s nice to see a family “sticking” together.  If you’re naturally fashion savvy, you’ll get this right.  But imagine a hillbilly family pulling this look off?  Na ah!




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7 responses to “WHO’S WHO? – COUPLES WHO DRESS ALIKE ~Do You?

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  2. Hahaha – Love your – Posts…Mwa

  3. Too funny! Can’t believe I’m only reading this now

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