I WOULD NEVER EAT THAT!!! Freaky Foods!!!

Good evening to those reading this right now! 🙂

***May find images disturbing***

Ok, so my homemade custard tarts are in the oven. Aka Pasteis de Nata. It’s a famous Portuguese dessert. Yes. I bake! Yum! This is what it looks like.


They are absolutely delicious! So I thought, let me check out what foods don’t look so delicious! According to me anyway…..


No no and another no….
It’s sheep’s heart, liver and lungs all minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock. Simmers away in the stomach casing for about 3 hours. It’s seen as a savory pudding with a nutty texture……


Mopane worms is a proudly South African delicacy. Yum yum! Want some?


A Northern Vietnamese dish. Usually raw blood from ducks, geese and sometimes pigs with peanuts and herbs on the top for that yummy twist! (insert green sick face now)



Chinese cuisine, which is basically the preservation of duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice straw for several weeks or months at a time. It’s rotten eggs ok? With a crazy ponging smell!


Fancy some mare’s milk? It’s horse milk fermented for hours. It’s a sort of an alcoholic beverage thanks to the high sugar content it has compared to cows or goats milk. It’s been described as “fizzy and mouldy”!


It’s duck fetus. A nearly developed embryo, usually eaten with a spoon through a little opening in the top of the egg. It’s found in Vietnam, Philipenes, and Cambodia. Usually served with beer! Hmmmm. Apparently it’s an aphrodisiac! (why doesn’t that surprise me?)


hmmm. Crab like, crispy and chewy all in one. Yuk!


It’s so sad to see how these exotic animals kept in horrible conditions. People in China are known to eat it raw! They tie the monkey up in a device where it’s head is kept still and with a hammer and chisel, it’s head is opened up and the brain is eaten before it dies. 😦


If you’d like to try some ratapooey, then North Korea is the place to go baby!


20111213-214358.jpg Ok so in western countries OX penis is dried and then sold as dog treats!!! In the Oriental side of the world it’s cooked, steamed or deep fried. Better yet, some have it raw! Wtf is wrong with these people? I’m sorry to say that, but it’s so not cool! Haha
And now, the worst…….





Many Asian people believe westerners are hypocrites for saying that it’s wrong to eat cat or dog meat when we kill calves, cows, pigs, sheep and chicken. We not denying that, the problem is in the killing methods. It’s absolutely horrific what they endure! They’re skinned alive most if the time. The cats are sometimes cooked alive. They suffer! I don’t see how people can do this! It’s terrible! I will never ever go to any country that supports this! It’s the same countries that skin animals alive for fur. It’s bad of me to say that, as I’m sure not the whole of China supports or does this. If you can, sign petitions against this!

Humans have exploited so much from the earth. Can’t we just become “normal” again?
Anyway, I think all these foods are nasty! I wouldn’t eat them! Not even if I was promised a zillion bucks! Sis!
So what’s for dinner!?


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11 responses to “I WOULD NEVER EAT THAT!!! Freaky Foods!!!

  1. Oh my word I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Eeew.! Some of those are disgusting and unbelievable. Like BALUT. I couldn’t even look at the photo. I wanted to throw up and cry at the same time. 😦 And the dog and cat one is just too horrific for words. It makes me so incredibly upset.

    • I know right! It is disgusting! Sorry you threw up. I was actually eating my custard tartlets while writing the post up. It’s all terrible. I actually don’t eat lamb, pork or beef. Cutting down on chicken. But I eat fish. So obviously these foods I’d never touch! Thanks for the comment Hun. Don’t worry. The next post will be more upbeat. Hehe. XXO

  2. Shortnez

    Eeergh and Eeeewwww on so many levels! This is disturbing! Eeergh!

  3. Omg!!! Omg! You make custard tarts…. I love those….. Must send me the recipe. Besides that… Those other “foods” are disgusting…. Eeeuw!

    • Haha yes Megs. Those traditional Portuguese pasteis de nata.. Or bolos de nata. Which my bf’s dad said sounded like “bulls nuts”. So now we call them “bulls nuts” which is far from it.. Haha..

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