How are you? 

It’s a stunning overcast morning here in the bushveld.  But, I don’t feel like being in the bushveld today.  My mind is going “away”.  Feel like being in Europe right now! Looking at the latest fashions.  Thinking to myself,  “Wow, the more expensive the clothing, the thinner you have to be.”  –  You know, like those runway models! 

Models!  They somewhat scare me!  They survive with such little amounts of  food!  They look like bones!  Some runway models ain’t pretty either!  Not like before.  We used to have the Cindy Crawford types.  Now we have sticks.  It’s a dangerous environment to be in me thinks!  I don’t see it as a healthy lifestyle, being a high-end fashion supermodel. 

However,  there is a very famous model making her name on the catwalk!  All the big fashion houses want her!  What does this porcelain smooth skin beauty look like?

Andrej Pejic

Yes, she is actually a “he”.  Well, he is “genderless”.  Born a male, still is.  However he is making a name for himself as a “female model”.   When asked what he sees in the mirror, he simply replied;  “I see myself”

He has never shaved and doesn’t take any hormones to look female.  It’s just how he was born. 

“I feel comfortable the way I am”

“I don’t feel the need to alter my body significantly”

Born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, escaping ethnic-war-ravaged Yugoslavia.  Lived in a refugee camp in Serbia.  Age of 8 moved to Australia with his mom.  His mom Serbian and his dad Croatian.

Designers say there is no female model as unique as Andrej is.  OBVIOUSLY!  Haha.

So what are your thoughts on Andrej?  I think he has a high quality beauty to him.  I would love to makeup him!  He has something absolutely stunning about his face.  Perfect features for fashion.  Well, that’s what I think. 




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  1. theavonfairy

    He is absolutely stunning! I love the androgynous look. It’s amazing how he can seem to just switch from posing as one gender to the other and it looks so natural

  2. WOW… so if I wanna sleep with him, does that make me lesbian? haha!

  3. Shortnez

    Thats a dude?
    He’s gorgeous! I love how he doesn’t label himself. Thats where society lacks today, we judge far too much.
    He’s gorgeous and he’s good at what he does!
    Its amazing! I’m awe struck by he’s beauty!

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  6. theavonfairy

    Just popped back for another look as I remembered this post this morning… don’t know why, he just jumped into my head lol. Absolutely Stunning 🙂

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