Thakoon Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Aloha beautiful pouters!

As most of you know, tomorrow is a public holiday in South Africa, so we’re all in holiday mode and ready to hit the beach with our sunnies and swimsuits-


Before you do that, what’s that brewing on our fashion radar for 2012?

Thakoon Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

 So, what do you think?

The range consists of a lot of grays, khakis, blacks and creams, and cool-weather fabrics like blanket-printed wools and fuzzy Mongolian lamb and Thakoon Panichgul’s collection also seems to bring a lot of attention to the waist by importing dramatic colours such as bright pink and black around the middle of his dresses. He’s also trying to bring back cutaway blazers, cable-knit sweaters, and slip-on leather loafers, which (except for the loafers), I think could be quite a big hit.

Anyway pouters, have a lovely looooong weekend if you’re having one, I’ll be blogging again on Monday…

Peace and Love xoxox



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2 responses to “Thakoon Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

  1. Love the clothes, hate the posing. You know, when models look like they’re possessed and satan spawn is gonna pop out and fall on the floor followed by the woman peeing herself and laughing. sorry, off the topic, good clotes. xx

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