Product Review ~ Africology Neroli Body Balm

Hello poutlings!

Well well well, let me tell you about a wonderful product, that I just love and keep in my handbag at all times.

In my December Robybox I received a Africology Neroli Body Balm

This product sells for R210 for 125ml

Ok first off, as you know from some previous posts, I absolutely adore anything that contains Neroli oil. So It came as no surprise that I truly loved this product. Oh, and dare I mention it’s proudly South African?

Every Africology product is 100% natural and free from any potentially harmful chemicals and the aromatic, signature base blend of African potato, rooibos, aloe ferox and marula. This combination of ingredients has powerful healing and regenerative properties.

The Neroli Body Balm combines the signatures ingredients with Neroli oil.

This product is super moisturising, and as an added bonus, after a long day just add a teaspoon full of this product to your bath for a nourishing and relaxing bath. And since this a product for South Africa and the African sun, keep some in your bag for those sunny days when you had just a little too much sun, dabble some on your warm skin if you’re a little sun burnt and the balm will soothe your burned skin and keep it supple and soft.

I do hope to be able to try out some of these products in due time and tell you more about it.

Have a pretty pouting day!

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