Makeup : OLDER versus YOUNGER (2)

Hiya Pouters!

So, is layering on your makeup a good idea or a bad idea? Depends on what look you’re going for!! MissFitz OLDER VERSUS YOUNGER tip for today is…



Celebrity makeup artists are convinced that when you apply think layers of foundation to your face like a mask means you’ll be granting yourself with 15 more years of age. What happens is that the foundation is rammed into wrinkles and emphasizes them strongly. It will turn your face into a lifeless mask, as is the case with Kim Kardashian.

Its very well, if you have completely wrinkleless skin, or if you are in front of the camera a lot but for everyday wear its not reccommended to layer the foundation on, even though I love a thick heavy coverage foundation… It’s a Jersey thing… bwahaha! 😉


If you want to look young, discard thick foundations in favour of light, hydrating fluids. Using either a foundation brush or your fingers (as long as you are applying it yourself…) but if you have a very dry skin make sure to mix a moisturiser in with the foundation before applying it, as Sharon Stone does.

Hope it helps! **missfitzzz


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2 responses to “Makeup : OLDER versus YOUNGER (2)

  1. kim kardashian would look so much better with less makeup

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