Makeup : OLDER versus YOUNGER (3)

Hiya Poutlings! 🙂

How was your Christmas? Did you have an awesome day? I hope your Boxing Day is even more awesome too!

In theme with the missfitz: older vs younger makeup here is todays tip!



As we live in the time of the “smokey eye”, everyone adores intense lining of the inner corner of the eyelid with black pencil. This technique certainly looks impressive, but it makes the eyes look older and it can emphasize eye redness, as is the case with Milla Jovovich.


Shining kajal pencil, in contrast makes the eyes appear “whiter”, underlines the eye and enhances its brightness for this effect, with a well blended darker pencil on the bottom to really open up the eye and give a real bright eye effect, we can follow the example of Jennifer Aniston. missfitz secret tip: I’m not a huge fan of using white for the tear line, it works but I prefer to use a silver pencil and blend it with a brown/black underneath on the lower lash line. I’m a sucker for sparkles and well, its easier to blend it looks more awesome than using a white pencil. Note: its for a night time look only and may make you look like you are crying during the day!

let me know your eye opening tips! **missfitzz


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2 responses to “Makeup : OLDER versus YOUNGER (3)

  1. Love these “to the point” tips. Xx

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