New Years Eve Bash – Remedies!

So girls, are you planning on partying the night away this New Years Eve?

I can picture it now; you’re at the bash of the century sipping the night away on your Cosmo’s and downing those tequila shots, dancing your ass off and having a ball…. next thing you know, you’re waking up in bed with your mascara all over your face and the headache from hell!

This is where lil’ MarindaLiza steps in to the rescue… *cue superhero music*

***How to avoid New Years Hangovers***

  • Have a big supper

This should be common sense to the usual partying pouter, but alas, not many people know this. Eat something filling and don’t drink on an empty stomache as the alcohol will go straight to your head and you won’t even make it till midnight (especially if you’re not one who drinks on a regular basis).

  • Have a little condenced milk beforehand

An awesome trick I’ve learnt is that if you line your stomach with a spoon of condenced milk (I’ve heard fish oil also helps for this) you have much less of a chance of waking up with that monster hangover.

Forgot to do that?

Hangover Cures!

  • A super greasy breakfast

Here in South Africa, there’s one thing we know for sure – there’s nothing like a Wimpy Breakfast to take away the hangover! So why does it work? Because the immense amount of calories and food involved with the meal serve as a sponge to the alcohol in your stomach.

  • A super healthy breakfast also works…

It’s actually the better option (obviously!), so try and drink a large glass of water, which will help move the alcohol out of your system, and team it with loads of fruit and veggies.

  • Vitamins!

Just like the money you spend on the booze, vitamins B and C are your body’s currency and oh my will you feel poor in the morning without them. B vitamins are quickly used up as the body processes alcohol in the body so some people swear by toast plus yeast extract (rich in B-group vitamins), while others prefer a high-dose B vitamin supplement such as Berocca. Take 1g of antioxidant vitamin C three times a day to swipe at all those free radicals you produce as your liver breaks down alcohol.

  • Coffee!

Yes my dear coffee lovers! To help increase alertness and get those tired, aching muscles more energised, caffeine (traditionally in the form of strong, black coffee) will help clear a fuzzy head and reduce headache.

Whatever you do, DON’T drink another alcholic beverage to take the hangover away…

This is only a temporary fix-her-upper so don’t even attempt it. You’ll just end up feeling worse.

If all else fails… SLEEP some more. It’s New Years day after all and no shops are going to be open.

Happy New Years Pouters!

Peace and Love xoxox



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2 responses to “New Years Eve Bash – Remedies!

  1. Hehe got to love a hangover…. Another crazy thing for a hangover is to drink the juice gherkins are kept in, sounds crazy but works. Also have a glass of water every now and then during the evening to prevent a hangover.

  2. thank goodness i don’t need any of these remedies. There is nothing appealing about a hangover. haha

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