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My skin is melting off!  OHEMGEE!  It’s boiling hot!  And here I go and where the tightest black jeans!  #Fail

Right, so today we’re talking…


…Did you know there are specific gifts to give on anniversaries?  Ok, so its more like tradition.  If you’re not a traditional person, then you just wouldn’t care much for it.  But its traditions like these that have made it through wars!

These are gifts a husband and wife can buy one another.  Although, I think towards the end, your dear children, grandchildren or even great-grandkids should get them for you.  Coz by that time you’ll have Parkinson’s or Amnesia or worse, wearing a diaper!

(Be warned, I will not be giving the “traditional meanings” for these gifts.  It’s just how I see it)

Anniversary List

1st Year

CLOCKS.  It’s to show your partner all the time you’ll be spending together for the REST OF YOUR LIVES.

2nd Year


3rd Year

CRYSTAL / GLASS.  I opted for a crystal chandelier.  It’s something for the home.  In your 3rd year of marriage, I guess you’re still working on the nest in a sense.  A set of wine glasses could work here too for all those romantic candle lit suppers?

4th Year


5th Year


6th Year

WOOD.  Anything with wood.  I wood like a wooden cabinet. (see what I did there? haha)  I chose this kind of ‘gift’.  It’s something for the house, where you can keep all the crockery, crystal glasses and silverware you purchased in the previous years.

7th Year

DESK SETS, PENS AND PENCILS.  By the 7th year, your hubby should be quite financially set.  This is when he starts signing agreements under terms and conditions for your children’s’ private school enrollments!  On the other hand, don’t make it the desk or pen he signs divorce papers on!!!

8th Year


9th Year

LEATHER.  Goodness me, keep fashion accessories out of this one.  Make this one a “him” gift.

10th Year

DIAMONDS.  Well, a decade of marriage is sure worth celebrating with diamonds in this day and age.  Not many marriages last that long.

11th Year

FASHION JEWELLERY.  This is when the missus is aging a bit.  So you want to make her feel like she still catches your attention.  And incase your wife is a tad bland, buying something like this will remind you she exists. haha.

12th Year


13th Year

TEXTILES.  In the “tradition books” fur is added to textiles, which I’m FULLY AGAINST!  Supporting the fur industry is disgusting and shows you need to inform yourself on that matter.  But, opting for a textile is a winner.  Go for a Persian Carpet.  It’s just so ooolala.

14th Year


15th Year

WATCHES!  Oh yes please!  To make this one all about the two of you, go for a him-and-her set!

16th Year

SILVER HOLLOWARE.  The term silver holloware is used to define all items that are made by creating a hollow form; hollow vessels, such as bowls and teapots. It is a broad and general classification of silver, encompassing items made for tableware, and personal care. Silver is one of the most favored of all precious metals. It is actually lighter than gold, which makes it more suitable for making silver holloware.

17th Year

FURNITURE.  Think about it…. They’re old!

18th Year

PORCELAINSpilhaus has stunning modern porcelain gifts, whether it be vases, cups or a bowls.

19th Year


20th Year

PLATINUM.  If you can’t get a platinum piece of jewellery after 2 decades?  Then ask….. “Where did all the money go sweetheart?” haha.

25th year

This is known as your STERLING SILVER JUBILEE Anniversary.  I think a romantic (If you still love one another) holiday to Venice will do the trick.  It’s a big deal.  Make it a big memory!

30th Year

This is your DIAMOND Anniversary.  How about a little Tennis Bracelet?  Maybe 30 diamonds representing each year? Adding the “sparkle” back into your lives.

35th Year

JADE.  This is a difficult one.  Jade is a certain kind of stone.  So no guys!  It’s not a stripper’s name.  You’re not getting THAT spoiled in your mid-life crisis.  Get a jar or a vase.  Your wife needs to put your ashes somewhere in case you got the wrong idea.

40th Year

This is known as your RUBY Anniversary.

45th Year

This would be known as your SAPPHIRE Anniversary!  Have a big party.  Invite all those family members and friends who have been party of your life as a couple.  Surely you’ll have grandkids by this one.  Sit back and see the blessing you have been and made and also, those who have blessed your life too.

50th Year

THE GOLDEN JUBILEE Anniversary.  This calls for a cruise.  Have the favorite family members come too. haha.  This is when you should be waited on hand and foot.  Sit back and reflect on your life.  Also, you’re pretty near to death.  So I guess being out in sea will get you pretty close to your Creator.  You know, sorting things out with Him. haha

55th Year

Your EMERALD Anniversary.

60th & 75th Years

This is your DIAMOND JUBILEE Anniversary.  Get yourself a stunning, expensive PILLBOX.  Not like you don’t need it.  😉

and if you make it to a 100th Anniversary….. WELL DONE ON YOU! 

*If you want to surprise your parents or grandparents with an Anniversary Party.  Having a slide show of captured moments in their lives is a great idea that can bring back many memories.  A slide show is also a great way to motivate the younger generation in your family circle.  Knowing that through the bumps along the way, it was all well worth it.*

These gifts can be given to couples celebrating these Anniversary years besides that of your own.  I hope and pray you live long enough to experience these years with the one you love.  May it be happy years!

Ps:  Remember, the family that prays together, stays together.




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5 responses to “ANNIVERSARY LIST – GIFTS!!!

  1. So sad that nowadays people seldomly reach 10 years of marriage together, my parents have been together since my mother was 14 years old, insane hey?
    Hopefully, one day I can be as happy to celebrate different anniversaries with the love of my life ❤ x

    • I agree Fi… Well, it might sound insane to many, but not to me. My mom was married by 16 to a man 12years her senior. By 18 she had my three sisters. It wasn’t and isn’t an easy marriage, but theyve been married for over 38 years. If they can do it, then I can never complain about the little mistakes my better half might make. I’m so blessed. Hope to reach that 100 year mark. xx

  2. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

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