Would You… Dress Your Baby in These Clothes?

Hi Pouters!

Babies are cute, and I’m sure a lot of you reading this blog want your very own mini me! I’m happy to be an aunty, and don’t want to be a mommy. I’m happy to give my nephew back when he’s crying or hungry or needs his nappy changed. The thing that must be the most fun about being a parent is being the childs stylist! You get to dress them everyday, in whatever you want.

What I do know, is that if I ever had a child – not likely, don’t hold your breath however hypothetically speaking – I wouldn’t want to dress it my child or anyones child any of these clothes.

really?? Sis!! NEXT.

If there is one thing that doesn't belong on a babies outfit... its sperm!

... but better sperm on a baby than an AK-47, right? What is this obsession with Daddy's sperm? Ew! No one wants to know about the babys-daddy's baby gravy!

Oh, look, the perfect baptism gift!

The Austrailian site redbubble.com has a whole section of baby clothes devoted to MURDER! Any poor child who wears this is going to have high expectations of mum and dad to live up to!!

After she screamed through 36 hours of labor, maybe you shouldn't call your mum a "bitch." Just a thought!

Is this referring to his nappy? Or his tiny baby pee-pee? I don't want to know.

Oh yes darling baby... Mummy just loves to be reminded of her extremely painful birth.

Finally, something to wear to church....

I repeat, no one else wants to think about your baby-daddy's penis!

Uhhh ... "feed" is not the word that popped into my head when I read the word "BILF" on a picture of baby. And don't accuse me of being sick! I'm surely not the only person who watched American Pie!

Teaching kids to make fun of Asian accents right out of the womb. Great parenting, guys.

So, I am aware, some of these are jokes and the ones that are not – eish.

What is the worst baby clothing you’ve seen?


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One response to “Would You… Dress Your Baby in These Clothes?

  1. buhahahhahahaha they’re all horrid!! xx

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