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Good Afternoon Hotties!

Are you tech savvy?  Goodness knows I’m not really that tech savvy myself, but if someone shows me properly how something works, then I’m sorted.

This Christmas I got my very first laptop.  hehe, I’m 26!  Ok, so I have an iPad2, but the point I’m trying to make is that… We don’t have a computer in our house.   Only at work. I must admit, and give props to BLACKBERRY.  It’s my connection to my favorite peeps.

Anyhow, I recently checked out some magz and sites on the gadgets I wouldn’t mind having myself.

Vodafone Mobile WiFi R201 wireless modem, R599.00 and R129.00 per month.  You and your man can both surf at 3G speeds simultaneously.

Shox Maxi pink speakers, R199.00  Tiny, but LOUD!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 waterproof digital camera,  R3 300.00, slim to fit in your pocket and ok to use by the pool or beach…

Blackberry 9360, I’ve got it…. and it’s FABULOUS!

iPhone 4S, if it’s not a BB, it must be an iPhone! haha

Powermat, from R 438.00, now you can get rid of those 10 000 different chargers you have lying around.  Just use this!

Fuji Instax Mini 7S, R1 400.00  This retro digicam  is all you need as a stylista.  Aim, shoot and el’printo!

Skullcandy Aviator Headphones, R1 450.00

iPod Nano, from R1 499.00, this wearable iPod stores a ton of music, and has 16 different clock faces to strap to that sexy wrist!




It’s like having a trainer in your TV room.  Design a “virtual you”, set your BMI goal and then get going, while Wii Fit tracks the kilojoules you’re roasting.  Apparently the background elevator music isn’t too popular though.

R 2 299.00  (Nintendo Wii Fit Plus bundle including Wii console, Remote Plus, Wii Fit Plus software and black balance board)


Tocky alarm clock.  This alarm clock rolls away from you once the alarm sounds so you have to get out of bed to hit the snooze button.  It’s effective if you tell me!  It also plays MP3’s and records messages.  R749.00 (www.the


28% of women sleep with their smartphones.  (sounds wrong, doesn’t it?)

The top 2 things the average woman downloads from the web?  Music and workouts.  (Workouts?  Really?)

The top reason women use the web?  Connecting with friends and family!

Top 3 tech innovations the average woman cant live without?

  1. CELLPHONE  (I can relate)
  2. LAPTOP  (I got my first one this New Years, so I’ll get back to you in a few months on this one.



So I hope you enjoyed all the little facts and gadgets featured on this post.




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9 responses to “TECH SAVVY – Gadgets For Us Galz

  1. I want the power mat and the alarm clock! Toooo cool!

  2. Please, keep postingmore stuff like this its intresting!!

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