Making Babies? – BABY INSTRUCTIONS – Getting You Prepared!

How was your weekend dear reader?

 I’m sure some of our readers are mommies?  Ok, I’m not a mommy myself, but I’ve lived my whole life knowing how to care for babies.  Since all my sisters are 9, 10 and 11 years older than me.  My oldest nephew is 15!

Anyhow, I am quite shocked though at the fact some women don’t know how to hold, feed or interact with a baby.  I know for first time mommies they always think they’re doing something wrong.  I get that, but being a mother should be somewhat of a natural thing for us women. 

But for those of you who aren’t so sure on baby-how-to’s, here are a few instructions on feeding, loving and playing with your baba!

LOL, this is hilarious!  You’re baby isn’t your best pal.  I can actually imagine some women from Sandton doing this!

When going to the mall, make sure to buckle baby up in the correct way!  I guess the “wrong” picture’s baby’s mom was fed up with his crying in the car. haha.  That’s one way of dealing with it!

Brings a whole new meaning to A BUNDLE OF JOY.

Your kid got rabies lady?

LOL!  I can so see my man doing something similar in the “bad” picture.  Instead of chess, it’ll be the Popular Mechanics Magazine!

You stupid parent!!!!  The baby needs a snorkel!!!!!

This is a popular one with the older siblings.  “Look mommy, it’s my dolly”

HAHAHAH.  Karate chopping the baby’s back! WOW!  You go girl!

Hmmm, nice!  Frothy!

Toddler maybe!  Baby…. NO.  They get internal bleeding and can die!  Men!

Definitely will see this in Walmart WTF’S!!!!

Goodness!  It’s 2012, called and iPad, flatron or cellphone?  WTF!  A box tv? WOW!

Haha!  Right, so I hope you as a mommy or not had a good laugh with these out of the world baby instructions!  I know when I first saw them I burst out laughing! 

Babies are blessings and we should treat them as such.  Love and care for them.

My personal beliefs regarding babies?

Don’t make them if you can’t afford them!

Don’t make them just to receive government grants!

Don’t talk all googoogaga with them.  Throughout the pregnancy they can hear you talking normally to the dad, friends and family.  All of a sudden once you’ve popped it out, you talk like a retard!  Don’t!  Kids are smarter than you think! 

The first 2 years of a child’s life are the most important – NO, a child is for LIFE!  

And don’t spoil toddlers!  Never!  When it’s no, it’s no!

The more cohesive the parents are when it comes to teaching or “punishing” a child, the more stable his environment and life is. 

Smack them! haha.  It’s true!  Warn them!  Tell them that by the count of 3 if they don’t listen, they will get a hiding! Believe me, if you do it once properly, you just have to count the next time and they become little angels instantly!

(You might think:  “What does she know?  She’s not a mom!”  Believe me, I know enough!  I know how I was brought up and how wonderful I turned out to be! Duh!)

Have a laugh….




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