The generalization of the male species generalizing the female species…

In a recent survey done on an online mens magazine, men were asked to “rate” what kind of body they preferred their ultimate women to have.

Hello btw…


So apparently the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or beer holder as some put it.

47% of men voted the ATHLETIC BUILD as their favorite.

I guess the lack of cellulite and ripped muscles turn on their muscle. Oh well, I think athletic women look hot too. It’s a sign of health.

36% of men voted for the CURVY WOMAN…

So much for the ULTIMATE curvy body. I thought this one would’ve won hands down. Come on guys. Then again, if every man went for the same type, then a lot of other women would be lonely. Us curvy girls can’t be selfish! haha

12% voted for the SKINNY GAL

So 12% of men like to hear some bones rattling. OK, cool.

7% of men voted for a FULLER FIGURE wooooman like Christina Hendricks

Wow, these women are seen as full-figured? They normal! Actually stunning. Wow! Seems like society is a bit stuffed!

Ok, so I think there is another kind of female body which isn’t in this category. Maybe it’s because one can’t really put them in any of the abovementioned groups. SEX-SYMBOLS. They’re not sporty, nor are they curvaceous. They’re far from full-figured. They’re skinny as rakes, have big fake boobies and pose as though they’re selling more than just the clothes they’re advertising.

These are the kinds of women who are “fake”. Fake noses, hair extensions, fake boobs, ass, tummies and lips. These are the types of women who pose especially for mens magazines. Far from high fashion quality. They are simply known as SEX Symbols.

Pammy A and Victoria Silvstedt.

And another thing, would these women be just as famous if they were LARGE?






Bet you they wouldn’t be famous! And that is sad. I find mens magazines extremely stupid. Women are seen as sexual objects. Posing for men stupid enough to buy those magazines. Men, these perfect models are extortionists! haha..

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are in all shapes and sizes.

Some can be all shapes and sizes. Some don’t have it all, yet they achieve more in life than the rest of the worlds judgemental people.

I’m not saying being Obese is beautiful. It’s a sign of something in that person’s life eating away at them emotionally. If you are kind to women, they’ll be the best they can be!

And ladies, true beauty lies in how you present yourself. Be a lady!!




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10 responses to “THE ULTIMATE FEMALE BODY!!! How Men See It..

  1. Loved this post! Every woman is beautiful, and it’s confidence that makes a woman who she is!

  2. Oh my word! I don’t see my “figure” slightly roundish…But rounder than their idea of full figure…That”s not how most women look.
    Skinny as rakes??? hahahaha Love it!
    Agree with Megs 1000%

    • haha, that’s my argument. Men have a warped and limited ideas on how women actually look like. hmmm. yeah, maybe we can turn one of those skinny ass models and rake the leaves with them teeth. You’re petite aren’t you?

  3. I really like the fat Bieb’s! Man…that boy makes my gag reflex work overtime!

  4. I want a fat Bieber as a pet! ha ha
    awesome post! xx

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