Boost Yourself!

Hello Fabulous Pouters!

My first post for 2012! Hoping you all had an amazingly fabulous christmas and new years!

Wishing each and every one of you a perfectly fabulous year!

Well at the start of a new year, everyone has new years resolutions (even though Jan is almost over, thought I’d speak about these so-called resolutions).

A resolution is defined as: A firm decision to do or not to do something.

I know many males and females start a new year with often more than one resolution, often failing at all of them. I have never come across anyone who has made a resolution and stuck to it (and if you have, you must congratulate yourself). Resolutions are never easy, not because people have made difficult decisions, it’s often because they don’t think before their decision neither do they think about the consequences to their decisions, and resolutions are often set way to hard to achieve.

A resolution is much like a goal, just a fancier word and people think it’ll be easier to achieve it at a new year, since it’s a fresh start to a new year and it’ll be easier – NONSENSE!!!!

If a resolution is a goal, you do not need to start at the beginning of the year, ANYTIME is appropriate! What we need to learn is that if we really want to do something or achieve something, we can start it whenever we feel we’ll be able to achieve it!

Learn to make goals and stick to them, whether it’s at the beginning of the year or the middle, on a monday or on a Wednesday, make a commitment and stick to it!

Make your goals easy to obtain, don’t set them too far away in time, because there is a guarantee it will fail! So any goal shouldnt be longer than 3 months, if they closer in time it doesn’t seem so hard, make it easy, and in time if you succeed in the first three months, then stretch the goal to another three months, and so on and so far.

Think carefully about the goal you want to set for yourself, write it down, have a plan, don’t just say it (talk is cheap), make it something you KNOW you’ll stick to!



Megs 🙂


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2 responses to “Boost Yourself!

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  2. LOVE IT. XXO… I stick to my resolutions.

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