For the Ladies: Skills to Master in a Lifetime

Hi Pouters!

The internet is littered with posts about a lady’s must-haves such as a LITTLE BLACK DRESS THE PERFECT “BOYFRIEND JEANS”, and not to mention MATCHING SILVERWARE!! and while all that is lovely, we know we are not what we own. Right? Right.

So in honour of us being in the new year 2012. Let’s devote some internet space to the important skillz that you (and I) should master.

1. Learn how to make yourself up, and down. There is a makeup, hairstyle and clothing for every day, whether that be no makeup and no hairstyling – there will be a time and place ladies, we must must learn!

2. Learn how to change a plug! Yes, I need to learn this and its on my before-I-die-to-do-list!

3. Satisfy yourself. And your partner. A-hem. Cough. Wink and nudge.

4. Tell a joke to your boss/nephew/BFF/lover…. even the most serious of pouters have an inner giggle deep down inside they are waiting to tell someone, to make them smile and possibly even laugh!

5. Say “no”/change the subject/turn someone down with class. My favorite way to deal with awkward/unwelcome questions is to say, “Oh, you! Now tell me about your [insert new topic here].”

6. Master a signature dish. Mine has to be a Thai Green Curry. I may possibly one day share a receipe with you, but currently its MY  secret.

7. Invest your money. Not only in shoes and makeup, in a way that you will get a large return to buy more shoes and makeup.

8. Travel on a plane with only a carry-on luggage. Yes. For realz. I know you can do it!

9. Do one choreographed dance. The Electric Slide. The Roger Rabbit. The Tango. I’m working on Thriller.

10. Look good in at least one photograph. If you’re getting this wrong, call me for a photo shoot! We will get lots of you looking good!

11. Set up a computer. Yes, REALLY, on your own!

12. Know which direction you’re facing. And if you figure this out, will you teach me?  One of my biggest and hardest challenges was doing an underwater compass swim on one of my many dive courses. To this day, I’m still not 100% sure how I passed that and I still do not know how to use the compass, and goodness if I am driving please do not tell me to travel West or East! My only settings are right and left and even those are sometimes tedious!

13. Make conversation with anybody. Being able to talk to people will get you just about everywhere. When in doubt, ask them questions about themselves, then nod. Seriously, this skill alone can get you through three hours of conversation.

14. Take a compliment. Even if you don’t believe the compliment or you get all full of blushes and stammers, you can just say “Thanks!” or  “Ohhh, you flatterer!”

15. Negotiate. For a raise, for a car, for a house. . Yes, many of us turn inside out at the prospect of asking for a lower price or higher salary, but let’s suck it up and do it anyway. We deserve the best, right?

What skills do you think every woman should master?



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4 responses to “For the Ladies: Skills to Master in a Lifetime

  1. Eish… good one Fi…. xx

  2. Shortnez

    Great one Fi.
    I don’t think that the carry bag thing can be done. Its impossible. There’s always ‘What-if or Just in case’ clothes.:P

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