Come Clean Before Bed…

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Wooooo! IT’ S FRIDAY!

Like most girls, I love putting ON my makeup: erasing dark circles with concealer, getting a glow with blush, swiping on lip color and—my favorite part—wiggling that mascara wand up and down my lashes. But taking my makeup OFF? Not so fun—especially when I just want to flop into bed after a night out… So I’ve been doing some reading on my favourite makeup artists, and this is what they had to say and my responses to their solutions.

#1 Got a face loaded with makeup?  

“Put a dollop of a granular cleanser on an electronic cleansing brush,” suggests Francesca Fusco, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. “It will penetrate deeply and remove makeup better than just using your hands.”

Fi Says: I DON’T HAVE AN ELECTRONIC CLEANSING BRUSH. Boo hoo. I’m deprived in the skin care part of my life obviously. What else? Next!

#2 If you have dry skin, use a creamy, soap-free cleanser.  

“Apply generously and wipe off with a soft, wet washcloth by massaging in a circular manner,” suggests Fusco. This way you don’t strip away your skin’s natural oils along with your makeup and it leaves skin smoother.

Fi Says: I don’t have dry skin, but some Pout Perfectionists might.

#3 Travel with makeup wipes.

“Some places have different water than your skin is used to which can cause skin to be sticky or dry out,” explains Fusco. Keep your complexion clear when you’re out of town by using disposable makeup removing wipes and then rinsing skin with bottled water.

Fi Says: Makeup wipes are the bee’s knee’s! But people do not realise they are not adequate cleaning to get all that gunk off your face. By gunk, I mean makeup.  I use one or more like ten before I wash my face with cleanser. Pity they are so expensive. Sigh.

#4 Melt away makeup  

Soak a face cloth in warm water and then press it onto the eyes for 20 seconds—they is especially helpful with stubborn mascara.

“Mascara can be so hard to remove and I find this to be the most effective,” suggests makeup artist Raychel Wade, owner of Cheek to Chic.

Fi Says: This really does work… And then you have dirty face cloths to wash afterwards. Yay! Don’t we love washing 😦

#5 Clean your face fast with citrus

“Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on a damp cloth or cotton pad and gently run it over your face,” suggest Wade. “This acts as an astringent and removes grime while giving your skin a dose of vitamin C.”  

Fi Says: I do not keep my lemons in my bathroom or bedroom, however it sounds like it should work, if you are like Wade and keep lemon juice in your bathroom…. *rolls eyes* weird people.

#6 If you’ve got sensitive or dry skin, use olive oil to remove your eye makeup

Simply dab some on a cotton pad, swipe over your lids and voila, your shadow, liner and non-waterproof mascara are gone and skin is left hydrated.

“Warm the olive oil in the microwave for five seconds and it works even better,” adds Fusco.

Fi Says: Olive oil and microwaves belong in kitchens. Maybe I should move my skin care routine to the kitchen…

#7 Forgot the makeup remover? Don’t fret

“In a pinch, you can use sensitive skin moisturizer on a Q-tip to remove eye makeup,” says Emily Kate Warren, a makeup artist who works in film and television and at fashion shows. The same goes for your face. Simply spread moisturizer thickly onto skin and then wipe it off with a damp cloth, adds Fusco.

Fi Says: This works, its a waste of moisturizer but it works if you’re desperate. Baby shampoo and baby oil works too.

#8 Don’t stress if you DON’T scrub up

“Yes, it’s actually OKAY if you fall asleep with your makeup on once in a blue moon,” says Fusco. Just don’t make it a habit!

Fi says: I AM not condoning this…. This is not an excuse to get off your face drunk and sleep with your face on…. Put the wine down and clean your damn face!

How do our other pouters come clean before bed?



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4 responses to “Come Clean Before Bed…

  1. i use a makeup remover wipe to get my eye make up off and most of the rest of my makeup. i then use a gel cleanser and a toner. 🙂

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