Dirty, Filthy, Smelly, Disgusting Celebrity Habits!

Hello beautiful pouting beauties… or are you? *raises eyebrow*

So, we all have bad habits of course, I mean, we’re human after all… but when you find out a celebrity – you know, those perfect people in Tinseltown – actually *gasp* fart, pick their zits or eat carbs, you know it’s going to be a

BiG ThinG

Did You Know that….

  • MEGAN FOX lets her yellow mellow? Yes, Miss perfection herself doesn’t flush…
  • that KIERA KNIGHTLY swears like a fucking sailor…
  • so does HILARY DUFF
  • BRITNEY SPEARS has a bad habit of chewing gum all the time…even at award shows…
  •  that CHRISTINA AGUILERA is known to reak like perfume from wearing too much…
  •  and ROBERT PATTINSON doesn’t shower (according to Perez Hilton) and many people on his Twilight sets have complained about him smelling bad….
  • CAMERON DIAZ is the rudest person to ask for an autograph and freaks out when people ask her…
  • JESSICA SIMPSON farts in the company of others…
  • …that ED WESTICK  picks his nose in public…
  • And the filthy habit almost ALL celebs (and the mere mortals such as ourselves) share?


Stay Classy Pouters!

Peace and love xoxox


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