Jean Paul Gaultier channels Amy Winehouse

Hiya Poutlings!

Fashion Week… is awesome. Are you keeping up to date with what is going on?

Well, here is something rather interesting that happened yesterday…

Jean Paul Gaultier, his models and awe inspired summer 2012 collection channelled every trademarked aspect of the late troubled singer who died last year, July at age 27.

Models channeling the late Amy Winehouse on the runway in Fashion Week

The models wore bee-hive hairdo, Amy’s signature eyeliner look and even had cigarettes whilst working the ramp to Amy’s hit song in the background – none other than…




Celebrities gracing the audience included Catherine Deneuve and Dita Von Teese.

The Controversy…

Amy Winehouse’s grieving father – Mitch said the runway “tribute” was a total shock to him and the rest of Amy’s family and has left them devastated. He believes that Jean Paul Gaultier is cashing in on the death of the late star and using it to his advantage to just make money. He also believed the show portrayed Amy at her worst, which is what he claims is upsetting the family the most. To make matters worse for the Winehouse family, is that the fashion show was 2 days after her 6 month anniversary of her death.

6 months since the death of Amy Winehouse

Jean-Paul Gaultier said he still believes the show was a tribute to her because Amy was an icon of the fashion industry.

I believe its unfair to Amy’s family for her life and iconic style were commercialised to this level, without consulting her family first. I believe Mitch set up a charity shortly after her death for people struggling with the troubles of drug and alcohol abuse, and in my opinion I think Jean-Paul Gaultier should at least donate a percentage of money to this foundation from using her as the inspiration and style icon for his collection.

I do believe his collection was fantastic, as some of the models really looked like Amy Winehouse.

What are your thoughts?



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6 responses to “Jean Paul Gaultier channels Amy Winehouse

  1. Love this post Fi…. I don’t think the first model is pretty though.. Look, I would love to do some makeup photoshoot thats Amy inspired. Its not to make money, but just because she was such an icon indeed. But I understand that the family is still raw. Its understandable when you look at it from both sides. xx

    • Lets do an amy inspired shoot then! I don’t have a problem with using her as an inspiration but like just think if she was a relative of yours that died a few months ago… must suck to see all these people going gaga over her when she alive everyone slandered her for her drug problems… I dunno. Shame for them, but awesome inspiration I suppose 🙂

      • This could be fun actually… Well, think of it this way, people call themselves “Christian”, yet they slander Him everyday! It’s not right, but its how we humans are. haha, im weird.

  2. hmm i think it’s a tricky issue – personally i think it’s in bad taste as it’s less than a year since she passed away in sad circumstances, but on the other it could be seen as a tribute to her, which is a positive thing!

    • I agree with you! I just believe that there should of been communcation to the family prior airing an inspired collection to the world, being that it is less than a year…
      My heart breaks for the family but I think the collection really rocks 🙂

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