Plus Size : Controversy

Hiya Poutlings!

If you’ve seen these images on floating around on the internet, then you’ll probably have seem of the controversial comments associated with them…

These photographs were published in Plus Size Model Magazine, featuring the plus size model Katya Zharkova posing in her birthday suit along with facts about body size and eating disorders, the most iconic picture of them all must be the one on the top left where Katya is holding a “straight” model, almost cradling her.

A lot of the talk on various forums and blogs are screaming about obesity this and obesity that… We are all made different shapes and sizes, we are all different, and while some of the people who are over weight who eat unhealthy and don’t look after themselves are obese, but these pictures are not obese, I believe they just show an average women.

To be completely fair, the average size of women has changed dramatically over time but what also changes over time is the size of an average model is getting smaller over time which brings me to the point that I think the sizing for plus models is also ridiculous… I do not see in my mind how being a size 6 can make you plus size.



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6 responses to “Plus Size : Controversy

  1. she looks flippen AWESOME!

  2. I think it’s great that you picked up on this article. I truly believe that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s no need for anyone to fit into that image we see in the media. I think this highlights our peculiar definition of beauty. Please check out my blog post about this (I also linked to this article in it!)

    • Hey Alia! Thanks for your comment and your amazing blog post… I also believe the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes is something that makes us utterly unique and beautiful, as no one will ever be the same as the other.
      I hate the media and the social stigmas it puts on people to be PERFECT. In reality, which one person in the world can be classified as PERFECT? Its unrealistic expectations, and there is not enough emphasis on being the best you can be.

      P.S. Check our blog for new posts soon!

  3. Shortnez

    Really? Are they mad?
    She’s not obese! They don’t know the meaning of the word! She looks amazing! I’d love to look like that! We all come in different sizes and shades and its what makes us unique. She’s gorgeous!

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