♥ So… it’s Valentine month ♥

Hello Pretty poutlings ♥

So, I haven’t blogged in a while, after a wonderful holiday in the bush and the beginning of a hectic year with lots and lots of sexy photo shoots for Valentine, I am hopefully back now to tell you about some more awesome products, services and fun stuff.

However, seeing as it’s the so called “Month of lurveee”… well… as of today, SINGLE people… you have 10 days left to find someone. haha

If you cannot find someone, well, why not fake it?! Yes, some people do that, and there are so many ways of doing it.

Thanks to technology nowadays, you don’t have to spend time in malls looking for gifts, having people walk like sheep in front of you and eventually suffering from mall rage… yes it happens… we have wonderful services such as NetFlorist.co.za  , NetGifts.co.za and they recently added NetJewel.co.za to their list.

What I really love about this service, is that they are fast, friendly efficient and so far, has not disappointed me whenever I send gifts to people. You can pay via EFT or Credit card and your gifts or flowers can be delivered in your name, or ANONYMOUSLY… so, if you’re single… be your own secret admirer… yes it’s sad… maybe even a little pathetic…

So whether you want to send some flowers and chocs or maybe something a little more naughty…

or something cute

this would be the service to use. Best of all, you can order today and pre-date the delivery day. They will then make sure your present is delivered on the day you want. And you have the option to save important dates on a calendar, so they will notify you when a birthday or special event is comming up, so forgetting your mothers birthday is no longer an excuse!

So, there is no excuse for you not to get into the season, either treat yourself, or someone dear to you. No matter where in the country you find yourself, or your loved one, they can be gifted.

So, if you’re still a hopeless romantic at heart, and believe in Valentines day…

(although the poor bugger was beaten to death and had his head cut off, all for the love of marrying couples in secret)

♥♥ Go ahead, have some fun this love season. ♥♥


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4 responses to “♥ So… it’s Valentine month ♥

  1. aaah I’m not even single and I dislike V-day 😦

    • my mother calls me a “miserable mare” but I don’t like the commercialism of the day, its sweet to buy or receive something small from a loved one, but I dont like it when people go over the top on only one day for the people they love, honestly, id be much happier with little suprises instead of one suprise a year… make sense? not really… lol… yeah… im a miserable mare

  2. NFNTstudios

    haha yeah, everything is over commercialised, xmas and even easter, for goodness sake they started selling easter eggs in woolworths in January! and the poor consumers are so gullible

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