NAIL ARTS :) Click Here!

So I said I would organize you some more nail art ideas…

Here they are.

It’s just too pweedy.

Which one is your favorite?

Remember to look at these YouTube links below. xx

How to make heart stickers with nail varnish, YouTube

Newspaper nails with pink twist, YouTube

Fairy marble nails, YouTube

Pink ribbon nail art, YouTube




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9 responses to “NAIL ARTS :) Click Here!

  1. NFNTstudios

    oh golly these are so cool. Haha i wanna try them all!

  2. I suck at painting my own nails, if I’m lucky I can get one colour right, not sure if I could do these, but they sure are pweeeeeedy!

  3. Stacey

    I love the black matted nails! I definitely want to try that.

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