How Did These Books Get Published?

Hi Pouters…

With the amount of aspiring authors there are in the world, the publishers can really make some odd choices when it comes to choosing who to publish and who not to publish.

In my mind, these following books are complete publishing fails!

Oh no. Please don’t tell me. I don’t even want to know.

Damnit!! You’re telling me the trick I’ve been missing all this time is…. MIND POWER?

Yay! I can, maybe, go camping for the first time in my life… but not until I’ve read this cover to cover!

All those after life problems with have to deal with… I can’t believe there aren’t more books like this on the shelves!

Compiled by the old cat women who lives across the street… presented without commentary!

Goodness me… maybe he really hates you??

I didn’t know you could get “uncircumcised.”

Anyone perhaps looking for a change in career? Well, look no further.

Really? Ok then. I’ll practice!!

This sounds to me like one of those hobbies you wouldn’t want your friends to know about… Like knitting for men, although this is just somewhat creepier than knitting.

What weird publications have you seen Pouters?



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5 responses to “How Did These Books Get Published?

  1. Haha.. I too feel the same when I see such books. Farmville for Dummies is just one that I recall instantly!! 😀
    So much for believing that by reading books we always gain useful knowledge.

  2. Hilarious!!! I want them all!!

  3. Shortnez

    Wtf? Knowledge is power, no matter how dumb the subject really is!

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