Fragrance review ~ Parisienne YSL

Hello lovely poutlings.


I hope you’re all having a wonderful V-day ♥, or even if you’re not celebrating it, just have a wonderful day.


I just quickly want to pop in tell you about…


Parisienne from Yves Saint Laurent

This product retails at R820 for 90ml (yes there are smaller sizes too)


Why do I love this product? Not only is the bottle a beautiful pink crystal, but it smells absolutely divine. The Damask rose  with red berries, surrounded by sandalwood andVetiver is a totally sensual fragrance.

You can smell the roses right from the beginning and then the fragrance mellows out and becomes all soft and elegant on your skin.


I do recommend this for the ladies that really want that extra special fragrance on their shelf that they use for special occasions. Remember ladies, any occasion can be a special occasion.


Have a pouty perfect day!

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