Nipple Painting!!

Hello Pouters!

Are any of you artists that love to paint?

Are you feeling expressive because today is Valentines Day?

This artwork was done by artist Kira Ayn Varszegi who has a rather unusual way of painting. She uses her nipples as brushes after covering them in paint. It makes for some very interesting artwork.

She has impressive….. artwork doesn’t she? I suppose if my artwork was as big as hers I’d also smother it in paint and make pretty pictures… hahaha… Just kidding.

Some very interesting people in the world.

What do you think of her “art” and her giant tatas?



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2 responses to “Nipple Painting!!

  1. OH my sack!!!!!! no! it’s nice art, but come on.. she only does that to get attention! damn tit! hahaha…

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