There are various skin types and facial shapes that one has to learn before implementing corrective makeup. It’s always important you as the makeup artist analyze your clients skin colour, texture, tone, type and facial shape.

There are 5 skin types
– dry skin… Appears flaky and sensitive
– oily skin… Shiny and usually has breakouts
– problem skin type… Acne and eczema
– combination skin… Oily on the t-zone but the rest is dry
– normal skin type… None of the above, because it doesn’t really exist. In other words, a perfect skin.

The best way to describe a foundation is to say its a primer that evens out the skin tone so that colours go on smoother and look better. It also allows makeup to stay on longer.

– produces an even skin tone
– disguises minor blemishes
– used as a contour cosmetic
– acts as a base for the rest of the makeup
– protects the skin
– some foundations have anti-aging properties


– cream foundation
Oil based
Blends easily
Provides heavy coverage
Can be used in dry skin, normal skin or mature skin

liquid foundation
Oil or water based
Provides light to medium coverage
Can be used on dry, normal, mature or combination skin

gel foundations
Provides a sheer non-greasy coverage
Can be used on black unblemished, tanned skin. Skins on which a natural effect is required.

compact or cake foundation
Oil, wax or a powder based foundation
Provides heavy coverage
Can be used on dry, normal, badly blemished or scarred skin

mousse foundation
Provides light to medium coverage
It has a mineral oil base
Can be used on combination or normal skin

Care must be taken when applying a mousse foundation.  Blend quickly or it may start to dry too quick and create a crumbly appearance.


One also gets special types of foundation
tinted foundations
For improving facial contouring.

treatment foundation
Combining tinted preparations and additional nutrient elements.
For mature or creepy skin.

concealing foundation
To disguise and heal facial blemishes, scars, acne etc.
Applied directly over blemish, prior to medicated foundation.
Firm in texture.

sports/sun screen, tinted emulsion
Acts as a UV screen
Provides a natural day look
Usually has a high SPF. So as to protect epidermis.

TIP: do not use SPF foundation on brides. It will reflect on camera and give off that white mask face we all oh-so hate.

cosmetic camouflage
Disguises disfigurements, birth marks etc.
Includes covering creams and variety of foundation items.

theatrical foundation
A wide colour variety to suit stage, photographic and fashion to modeling work.


To apply a foundation successfully a damp sponge should be used to give a natural effect and to help it blend around the hair-line. A dry sponge will give a heavier coverage when required to do so. Foundation can be applied over the eye lids, lips and ears to give a natural look, also most importantly down the neck.

When choosing a foundation, it should be the same colour as the skin or as close to the natural skin colour as possible. The best way to test a foundation is on the JAW of the client/yourself in NATURAL LIGHT.

DO NOT test foundation on your wrist or hand. Your face’s skin is very much different to the rest of your body.

When applying foundation it should be carried into the hairline down he ear lobes and then underneath the chin and on to the neck. Blend, blend blend!


My favorite foundation is MAC studio fix, as it hides my imperfections quite well. INGLOT, CATRICE, MAKEUP FOREVER, SMASHBOX also have fabulous foundations.

We shall carry on with powders next time. Hope you found this quite helpful or just informative.

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9 responses to “MAKEUP CLASS 2 On FOUNDATION & SKIN With Sandy

  1. AWESOME POST…. Sooooo informative!!!

  2. matty blanca

    I have dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin. I’m in my late 20’s with severe environmental allergies and mild acne. I cannot use Benzoyl Peroxide as it’s too irritating and actually makes my skin swell. Retinol, AHA and BHA are the only OTC products I can use without breaking out. Now, I ONLY USE the Lady Soma Renewal Serum!! Its not hard on my skin and I’ve noticed my acne clearing since I’ve started using it.

    In the morning, I can see my blemishes have healed some compared to the night before when using this Lady Soma Serum. I have also noticed old blemish spots fading significantly. I also like that it comes in a tube rather than a jar. The antioxidants and other ingredients won’t spoil that way. Good for Lady Soma for coming out with this product!

    • Hi there Matty… Thanks for that very informative comment. I’m definitely going to be looking into lady soma. Sounds wonderful. I also have extremely sensitive skin. I use baby wash products to wash my face.. I had very bad acne, and i was on the pill for a short while and went off of it. For me, my skin is much better since i’ve started drinking evening primrose oil. What a difference! xx

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