Hello Amigo’s and my Amiga’s

How are you? So I’ve noticed that pin-up is really getting a lot of attention these days. Whether it be the hair, clothes, makeup or even it all together. Now I’m not claiming to be an expert on pin-up, but I had a shot at it with makeup.

Used my Studio fix foundation from M.A.C
My eyeshadows were from my INGLOT pallet.
Liquid liner from CATRICE
Blusher from NYX

The nice thing about pin-up makeup application is that it’s very simple, but striking. I opted for a neutral lip instead of a flaming red lip. It was all about the eyes for me and the style as a whole. Finding out if it suited me or not.

Eyes got a light shadow over the whole base, and a golden brown over the whole lid up to the crease. On the outer corner I defined my eyes with a darker brown colour. It’s never a pin-up without liquid liner. Give it a “cat eye” effect. Also, I applied white liner on the inside lower eye line. And loads of mascara.

I’m not going into detail now, just showing you pics… If you want I can organize a post on it in more detail.








Once I did it, I thought it suited me quite well. I shall sport it more often.

Are you into a certain style of makeup?

Here is Kandee’s video on pin-up. If you have her tutorial, you won’t need a step by step from me. She is way better. Haha. #truestory I didn’t copy her, I just went with my flow. Found her vid afterwards. Xx

kandee’s tutorial on pinup



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