Words and Phrases that Need to Stop NOW

Hiya Poutlings!

Does the way people word things sometime rub you up the wrong way? Not quite getting what I mean? Well…

OMG!! Don’t you love in that movie how amazeballs the vajazzling she had once that stylista gave in and friended that beautician on facebook?

Well, I for defs do.

Here is my list of words and phrases that I think need to be made illegal immediately.


LIKE : It kills a part of my soul that this is, like, never going to go away…

VAJAZZLE : This is not only a repulsive image, but no, your vagina does not need Swavorski crystals on it… and I’d be worried about any guy that would prefer your vagina to be diamond encrusted.

AMAZEBALLS : Seriously? Who is really amazed by a ball? Wayne Rooney isn’t even amazed by a ball – yet its made him a millionaire, neither is Ricky Martin and he’s gay.

FRIEND : Not referring to this: you are my friend. more like this: DID YOU FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK YET? My old English teacher would have a heart attack at the thought of this. God bless her, I hope she never finds the internet and remains peaceful in her bookshelf.

OMG, OH EM GEE, OH MY GAWD : OMG, is OVER. OMG!! No, no, no… Let’s start expressing genuine emotion once again. You know its got bad when people who are outspoken athiests use this expression… The irony is amazing!

blah blah.COM : Yes, we live in a technoligical era, and no, we do not need to put DOT COM at the end of a word or statement to make sure everyone understands the emphasis on that word. Never seen what I’m talking about? Have a look at your facebook news feed closely; exhausted.com; starving.com; ihatethis.com

HAAAI : We love  LOLCAT here at PoutPerfection as much as the next person but did you know that typing this message is not cute or lovable coming from a human?

“I’m a Carrie”/”I’m a Samantha” : Any grown or semi-grown woman who has to refer to herself as a character from Sex In the City is not worthy of the title of woman.

i JuSt LoVe TyPiNg liKe mY kEybOaRd iS bRoKeN : Don’t do this. I will get sea sickness reading your sad excuses for sentences and just give up after I’ve vomitted all my PC/Phone/Whatever after trying to read your sentence. Not only will this make your typing take 1000000 times longer than normal, it will in fact make you look stupid, not cute.

LOVE : I love puppies! I love how much of a bitch she is! I totally love the word love! But really… I don’t love anything and just like using the word to make it sound like I’m really into something. I’d love if it we could just stop this, now.

retarded : self explanatory. if you use it, you are retarded. haha… I just said that! QUOTE ME!

FASHIONISTA AND ANYTHING -ISTA : Fashionista. Stylista. Whateverista. Can we stopista? I’m boredista.

GIRL BONER : ew. The thought scares me. Reminds me of lady-boys. Or an engorged clitoris. Don’t. Do. This. For. My. Own. Mental. Stability. Thank you.

I DIE : Yes, a part of me does infact DIE when heard those to words said. Seriously? Read a book, get some better form of expressing oneself.

ABBREVIATIONS such as OBVI, OBVS, TOTES, ETC. : I die. Why is it so hard to say obviously? Or totally? Geez.

ABBREVIATIONS such as TTYL, FML, PMPL, GTFO, STFU : I speak English and Fi-ish. What language are you speaking? I can hardly keep up with the Oxford Dictionary, WHY OH WHY must I keep up with this lazy teen text language. LOL. I’m obviously so behind the times.

THAT’S SO GAY : In what case did that inanimate object project feelings of homosexuality or extreme happiness? Stop that.

What words and abbreviations get on your tatas and make you an angry Pouter?

Let me know! TTYL! 



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12 responses to “Words and Phrases that Need to Stop NOW

  1. Haha… OMG I absolutely love that. It was totes amazeballs. 😉

    Sadly, we’re all guilty of overusing a few of these. But a few of them I’ve never quite understood – like amazeballs, totes, That’s so gay, and girl boner (what the eff?)

    Fab post. I really did umm.. love it. 🙂

  2. Oh fifikins! You made me laugh! I say ohemgee a lot, coz of the jersey episode on south park! Hilarious! Girl boner? I’ve never heard of that one.. Fi, you are so gay! Hahaha..xx

  3. Shortnez

    Thats really funny! I’m also quite sick of how people speak lately. What drives me up the wall though is that sms language! I can’t understand it, let alone tolerate it.
    I admit I do use OMG or Lol but even that drives me crazy. I’m trying to curb my use of the words!

    I can’t even begin to understand when people like using ‘That awkward moment’ statements when its not even an awkward moment. Its ridiculous! If I could walk around punching people who, TyPe LiKE tHiS, I really would.
    What about those that say Dude or Bru all the time? I feel like kicking them in their bru’s! Really now!

  4. Alexis

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with TYPING OMG, ttyl, u instead of you, etc. it frees up a valuable fraction of a second that I would not otherwise have, and people are intelligent enough to know that I’m perfectly capable of proper spelling and grammar. But when people start to use these expressions OUTSIDE of their online life and actually start to say them in conversations?? Like people who say Oh em gee or Ell oh ell out loud? *smh*. I type smh a lot… Are acronyms that denote actions allowed?

    • I feel so silly… I don’t know what *smh* means, I feel old. I know a few but not all of them, on things like texting when you have a certain amount of characters or even twitter I think its and the simple ones like u instead of you I think are fine 🙂
      Completely agree with you, ELL OH ELL and such needs to not be said in day to day real life conversations.
      Thanks for the comment! xx

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