…Aaaah, it’s now Saturday afternoon.

I guess you nail art addicts can’t get enough of  the  Previous WATER MARBLE NAIL ART POST hey?  So I decided to give you a 2nd post on it with different tutorials and pics!

Have you tried it?  It’s a messy job isn’t it?  But if you have perfected it (ok, I doubt anyone can perfect a messy method) it can be quite gratifying to know you achieved something which needed so much time and effort!

So here is a STEP BY STEP from NAIL ART 101. COM

Thanks to them, the theory looks pretty simple.

Here are some pictures on what WATER MARBLE NAIL ART can look like..

And now for the YouTube Tutorials…

Water marble art YouTube

Water Marble Nail Art by Pinkaddictive.

Water Marble Rainbow Nails

Have fun doing some messy nail art this weekend ladies!




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7 responses to “WATER MARBLE NAIL ART – HOW 2

  1. I have to try this…. I just hate clearing up after myself, haha!!

  2. I like that articles 🙂

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