Girl-on-Girl Monkey Business

Hiya Pouters!

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! Did you have a good one? I hope everyone had a Guinness…

Apparently, neglected drunk girls in minimal clothing at nightclubs aren’t the only species that are willing to engage in lesbian action for attention. Bonobo monkeys do it too! In a recent study, scientists found that female apes use homosexual sex to gain attention and social status. Is this sounding familiar? Supposedly, the lady Bonobos use vocalizations during girl-on-girl-monkey-sex to “reduce stress and competition, develop affiliations, express and test social relationships and for reconcoling conflicts and consoling victims in distress.”

It appears in the monkey world, that sexy noises most often came from lower-ranking female apes in order to let the rest of the monkey-crew know they’d been selected by one higher up on the totem pole to do the deed… like kissing and telling… or kissing your popular girl friend and taking a picture and putting on the Facebook, taymato… tomato.

I guess the other female monkeys think “Well, OOOH-AH-AH…. that ape must be pretty damn cool to be banged by the biggest of the bunch”, which increases the first apes status and allows her to climb the social ladder.

I have a theory: maybe the instinct to get drunk and exchange salavia with their female “bestie” is either deeply rooted in primitive behavior, or you know, maybe girl-on-girl action has been made so cool and glamourous by the media and therefore made cultrally acceptable (if only done witht he intention of entertaining male onlookers). Well, whatever the reason, I’m sure this is not the last time we will be subjected to HEAR or SEE girl-on-girl monkey business.



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