Hello Amigo’s and Amiga’s…

How are you?  How are you really?  Ever think “wow, life sucks”?

I honestly believe life sucks, because we make it suck.  The human race has destroyed the world.  We exploit everything for financial gain.  Just wish people would realize after everything has been processed, killed and destroyed, money cannot be consumed.

We are killing ourselves in more ways than one.

Here are the top 5 things I personally believe the world should have never started…

1)  TV

Think about it.  No tv?  No problem!  We wouldn’t have pressure on how to look because “Hollywood” wouldn’t pressure society into thinking what is perfect.  We wouldn’t deal with things like violent movies, porn and silly shows like “Real World, Keeping with the Kakdashians” which all are clearly effecting the minds of those watching it!

Humans complain about how the youth of today are nuts.  Well, I can assure you, if you take tv away, 50% of your problems are solved.   TV is the root of all evil, not money.


YES, if you’re a gaming addict, you’re pretty much a zombie.  I’ve seen how it affects children.  When the family have a get together, the kids all run up to play games instead of helping out with the actual family event.  They’re only seen once the food is done.  My children will never have a TV or game system!  Ever!  Don’t for one second think that’s extreme!

Everyone is being brainwashed by a square box and console!  Absolute tragedy.  Look, some people are very balanced.  Only allowing their children to play on weekends and for an x amount of time.  But look at it generally.  Instead of having a pet they now have virtual pets.  Instead of climbing trees, they’re building trees.  It’s so sad how people allow their children to live fake virtual lives instead of real ones.


Yes I said it!  I feel that fast food joints are a major problem in the world today.  Huge companies are fighting so hard to be on the top of the unhealthy money-making food chain and who suffers?  We do.  We are stupid enough to believe the advertisements!  These companies are out to make money.  There is nothing wrong with having fast food once a week as a “treat”.  Unfortunately due to busy working schedules, fast food joints have made it convenient to get our food at a drive through in less than 10 seconds.  BUT a fat-ass, blood pressure, cellulite, cholesterol, vitamin imbalance and so on for LIFE!….

Also many people don’t realize that fast food joints brain wash us into thinking products are merely just that… PRODUCTS.  Far from true.  Your nugget is all the chicken fat, feet, heads, skin etc crushed together into a paste and deep-fried.  Do you realize for a tasteless little beef patty a whole animal had to die after living a horrid life in a factory farm?

The world changes by us!  Don’t waste food!  That’s one thing that honestly pisses me off.  Is people throwing away or not eating everything which contains any form of animal byproducts in it.  Shame on these people!!!  Advertising, colours and cool packaging covers up the horror, blood and terror behind the industry.

Not to mention  its all available 24/7!  WTF!!!!  Employees are humans, not robots!

This is no life for animals!  We are to blame.  Don’t close your eyes!  REALIZE whats entering your body.  I’m not making you go all vegetarian or vegan.  I just want the world to get back to the basics.  Treat animals with respect.  Stop factory farming and stop wasting meat!  Simple.

Watch this clip  (it’s really not gory or bloody.  Just gives you a different view on factory farming.  It’s actually a commercial)


I’m 26 and have never set foot in a club.  And don’t tell me – “Well Sandy, how would you know what it’s like if you haven’t tried it?” – Well dear person, I heard drugs is really fun too!  Makes you feel great! TRY it!

Clubs are a serious problem in my eyes.  It’s glamorized temptation!  Girls are wearing less, going there younger, drinking and worst of all… they scream “WOOHOO” a whole damn lot.  Just looking at 5 minutes of MTV and one will see how it’s stuffed the youth up.

Honestly, you go to a club to hook up, drink and party.  WOW, what a fulfilling life to live indeed.  OK, I will admit that I know few people who have gone, who are pretty decent.  But the point is, when you speak to them, they’re childish.  They can’t settle on one person.  And all they think women should look like is huge tits, long legs and don’t forget… They must look like a Victoria Secret Model!  Wahahahah, looks fade, then you sit with the dumb tit.

Let’s not forget the guys!  With more grease in their hair than in their cars.  They so “worked out” they walk around like orangutans.  Huge arms and small turd-cutters!  They just need to beat on their chests!  Voila, you’ve got an Animal Planet documentary on the mating rituals of the pathetic human race!  Such an embarrassment!


Hollywood and all that comes with it!  Glamorizing divorce, plastic surgery, infidelity, the 7 deadly sins, liars, fake personalities, snobs, exploiters……. one can carry on forever.  I’m a firm believer in “WHAT THE EYE DOESN’T SEE, THE HEART WON’T LUST FOR”.

Look at people at premiers!  Queuing, screaming and praising these fake idols.  Look at churches?  Empty!  Wow, our priorities are buggered!  Without TV, Hollywood wouldn’t have been a problem..

Noticed how MTV had My Super Sweet 16 which is now followed by 16 And Pregnant?

All these points carefully tie into one another in my mind.  I am making the decision to contribute, see and experience LESS of all these five points I’ve mentioned.

Agree or disagree?




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  1. Ok Sands I totally agree with all of this, especially clubbing, i go clubbing to dance as i love dancing, but hating it more and more due to the fact of it ruining society as a whole. Woman have no respect for themselves whith regards to what they wear and men couldnt care to think how a proper lady should be treated!

  2. Excuse my language, the human race are a bunch of fucktards. Ever heard the expression “SAVE THE WORLD, KILL YOURSELF?” haha.
    Oh, I’m being such a pessimist, bad Fi. It’s Friday after all! 🙂

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