The New Desperate Housewife: Barbie

Hi Pouters!

Happy Friday!

Before I begin my psycho-babble, I swear I am not obsessed with Barbie, I used to be but this was too interesting not to share!

Barbie is known world wide, not only for her insane measurements or long blonde hair and silly smile. A photographer called Sarah Haney has taken that impenetrable plastic smile and put an entirely different spin on it by creating a photo series presents the known doll in some frankly unfamiliar situations, like being apprehended by the police, stripping for money, and nursing a hangover. The black and white, grainy film-still quality of the images lends a haunting, overcast vibe that doesn’t spare Ken, either: he drinks alone at night, has affairs, and dresses in women’s clothing.

Boys don't cry


"You know I wouldn't leave my wife..."

Sunday Morning

"I feel pretty"

But he said he was using the rhythm method

Walk the line

She works hard for her money

It's never happened before...

Drink Alone

Monday Morning Hangovers

It’s fascinating to see the childhood toy depicted in a way that makes her beatific smile seem a bit eerie. What do you think? Its also kinda funny… haha

Have a perfect weekend – don’t behave like Barbie!

muchos pouts!



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4 responses to “The New Desperate Housewife: Barbie

  1. So true, the ever so perfect miss titty banks is shown in another way here. Which is actually true. No one is that perfect doesn’t matter how put together or stunning your life may seem to be. Everyone has demons. I think its cool…

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