Makeup For Ever – Unedited Beauty Campaign

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Happy Saturday ♥ 

Makeup For Ever – one of my favourite brands that unfortunately pulled out of South Africa 😦 SAD FI!

They’ve been getting lots of press of late, and not without reason. They claim to have the world’s first unretouched beauty advert campaigns. And big ups to them for having the balls to do this!

The adverts are SO authentic, they’ve even apparently been certified by a commissioner of oaths… how official!

They are not like the “Campaign for Real Beauty” which Dove released over the past few years, these women really look flawless, in a conventional, model, beauty industy sort of way. Yes, they do look this good with no retouching! Is this supposed to make us feel better? ha ha

The models are wearing makeup from the brand’s HD  line which makes me wonder if any of them have some of that infamous HD Microfinish Powder on (so amazing… try it!).

Remember, they have professional lighting (photographers know: good lighting is better than any professional retoucher) and professional makeup and don’t forget some good genes on their side!

*queue Will.I.Am music… got it from my momma!*


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