Weddings : Geek is Tres Chic

Hi Pouters!

As a sometimes wedding photographer and like an average female I get excited at the prospect of looking at some really unique and interesting wedding themes and photographs.  Nicole Lisanne Weddings and Events by Design styled a specific geek wedding theme called GEEK IS TRES CHIC.

They fell in love with the idea of the scientific geek wedding theme because of the incorporation of a lot of glass elements such as beakers, petri dishes, test tubes, eye droppers, which would all have very good light-catching elements, all of these scientific elements were sourced from laboratory supply houses so that they would be 100% authentic.

Acrylic compartmentalized trays held little silk buggies with pins stuck through them, to make a fabulous but geeky table runner under our centerpieces. The table number was named after the most famous scientific equation ‘E=MC2,’ and was affixed to a tall self-standing magnifying glass sourced from the Z Gallerie. Menus tucked into each place setting were in the format of a scientific hypothesis ‘If first course, then second course, then cake and dancing!

source: Wedding Chicks.

When the guests arrived they were able to sign in at the Periodic Table of Elements! So unique. I wish who ever they are many happy years together!




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