Right, so we all know using drugs is really bad!  No need for a rocket scientist to tell us that. 

I have never used drugs and never will!  Why wouldn’t I?  Well, for one I don’t hang around drug addicts.  Two, my parents would beat the living crap outta me and disown me!  That alone would make me not even want to touch drugs.  Three, one just has to look at pictures of what drugs does to people!

Just looking at these pictures should make you run away from anyone offering you drugs.

Heard of the site “FACES OF METH“?  I aint going to go into detail about meth.  Think you can wiki it if you planning to abuse yourself with that crap and screw your life up.  Just looking at the pictures will scare you the heck away.

Lets get cracking! haha

Deary me, this looks like Tim Burton in drag!

This is beyond sad!

What a pity!  She was seriously gorgeous.  Clearly her life wasn’t.  So sad!

So how was that for an anti-drug campaign?





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  1. stacyblaise

    This is so very sad.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  2. crazy. have you watched breaking bad? thats all i kept on thinking about when looking at these pics…

  3. This is sad 😦 my brother is actually addicted to using drugs so I’ve seen some of these things first hand. And those “pox” looking things on their face is from meth they’re meth sores, they get them because they pick at their skin. They get like an “itch” because the body is rejecting the meth. Sorry I got way into this haha

    • Gosh no! You must say what’s on the heart! Maybe someone will read your comment and think twice.. Yeah, I read your skin gets itchy! gosh, its crazy. Thanks for sharing something personal Natasha..Xx

  4. Hi there, I read your new stuff daily. Your writing style is awesome, keep up
    the good work!

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  6. I am so concerned for my niece. I seen her for the first time in months and I cried, not only because I really had missed her but because of her deminished appearance. She had sores all over her face, she had lost weight and she looked totally unhealthy. She is telling people (especially family) that what is on her face is psoriasis as this is apparently what the doctor has told her. I am not sure what to believe as I know that users can and will do anything to cover what they are doing from those who are showing love and concern – associated with shame and ridicule. I fear for her as she has most likely been doing drugs for several months. The only direct persons she has contact with on a consistent basis is her current boyfriend and my sister (who believes what she is saying – psoriasis). Her boyfriend is verbally and emotionally abusive, has encouraged or co-erced her into prostitution. The relationship with her partner is not healthy. Without coming right out and asking or accusing her regarding suspected drug use, How can I go about finding the truth. I am so totally concerned for her. She has learning disabilities associated with Fetal alcohol Spectrum Disorder and she quit school in grade 9. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank You So Much, Heather

  7. ryan

    The pics don’t show their rotten or missing teeth, meth makes the teeth rot because your mouth dries out and you’re always thirsty, that and they forget to brush/floss (or just don’t care). I’ve always thought meth makes your skin darker too because it seems like the tweakers around here get these weird looking “wooden indian” tans….but maybe it’s more from them being outdoors all the time looking for cans to recycle or begging for cash …or stealing….idk. I just know meth users would rob and hurt their own families to feed their addiction….happened to my older brother. He got help from many people too but still went back to the drugs..that’s why I would urge you to never even touch the stuff….not even once……because if you get addicted you may never come clean again…

    • Thanks for the informative feedback Ryan. I’m sorry you saw what drugs did to your brother. It’s true what you say. Don’t even experiment. I never have hey! Never will. Just because of the fear of getting hooked. And I never want to ruin my life, simply because I don’t want evil to catch one more follower! X

  8. Luscious L

    At first, when I read your commentary on the mugshots, I found it offensive. When I went beyond that and read your feedback to viewer’s comments, I heard your love for humanity come through. I realized you’re doing what I do with my own story: finding the humor in a subject that’s not funny on the surface.
    I’m a recovering addict for several years now. While I look younger at 30 than some of my school peers who didn’t use drugs, I can see the effects of drug use on my body. Beyond looks, it what drugs did to my soul. Drugs stole my soul until I was a shadow of my former self. At that juncture, it didn’t matter how I looked (it wasn’t pretty- under a hundred pounds, malnourished, sick), my life was empty and meaningless.
    To answer the person’s question about why some meth addicts look “tan,” that’s likely Hepatitis. Many meth users are IV drug users. Those who aren’t often have sexual contact with someone who is. Hepatitis A, B and/or C will cause jaundice, a yellowing of the skin. It’s a late-stage symptom. Unless those people stopped using and get medical attention, they don’t have long to live.
    I’m lucky, I got clean before that happened to me. If you’re dealing with an actively using meth addict, encourage them to get help. But most important, never give up hope for them. Even if you have to love them from a distance, never give up hope. Hope they stop using and get help. Hope they get better. I believe that’s the whole reason I’m still alive. Because people never gave up hope for me, even when I did.

    • Love love love your comment. Thanks sooooo much for sharing. I’m glad you saw how my head works. I’m so happy you’re well now! Yay! Praise God and praise you for being an inspiration! I’m glad you gave more info on the subject. Many people will read your comment and learn! Beeeeg hug! Xx

  9. gabbi

    it is not their mistake. somehow theyve went into this way and now all we should do is to support and help them instead of saying well done or make fun of them. they are addicted to them, they cant just live without it. can u see the phycological difficulties they have? noone deserves to be in this way. poor them

  10. lacy

    dude that totally sucks…..but,it is their fault …they used it

  11. margreet buehre

    she was already when she started using meth.
    Can hardly see any difference

  12. That pictures really scare me away…!!! Shit, that’s not so dope as I tought, really I swear. And just to think I was on the piont to try crystal meth

  13. Adam

    Weed is fine, meth can be used on occasion, but it’s when it’s abused that it becomes a problem. C’mon people, don’t be so ignorant

    • Thanks for your input, however there was no reference to “weed” in this post, it was on meth…. and let me just correct you, meth is addictive whereas weed is not, so its not good to advise people to use addictive substances on any occasion, let them smoke it up cheech & chong style any day if they do so wish, but not meth. Bitches be crazy on meth.

      • ryan

        Weed isn’t good for you either, it makes users paranoid and jittery, it still damages brain cells and makes you ‘slow’ aka dumb. It may not be as addictive as meth but it’s still addictive, there are plenty of potheads who have trouble giving it up and have been using it for many years….but no it’s not as addictive nor as damaging as meth and other narcotics. I get tired of seeing potheads who tote it as being natural and safe to use….any drug has side effects and isn’t good for you; that’s why medications have warning labels about potential side effects.

  14. Govinda

    For anyone out there who is actually in that dark place at this very moment…I have been there, I won’t go into detail. But I will say that it is possible to turn your life around, no matter how impossible it may seem. I did, and I now have the joy back that I thought was lost forever. You have to surrender completely…you know what that means, I don’t need to explain. Each time you do something which goes against what your “heart” is telling you, you will descend further into the abyss. That being said, the opposite is true as well; when you listen to your “heart”, and ACT on what you know is really right and true, there is no end to how wonderful life can be again. But, you’ve got to make the decision yourself. It is a slow process, and very difficult; but not impossible. Could anything be any more difficult than where you are now?

  15. these pictures are private and should not be viewed by the public

  16. Incredible post. It has to be put out there.

  17. Tony Myers

    Not for nothing but it appears these people were complete losers before they became helpless/hopeless addicts…

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