It’s all in the mind

Hello Poutlings

Well, it’s a wind down to the weekend, so let’s take a coffee break, and have  a bit of chat.

In today’s soceity, we are all made to believe that super Boney skinny is the way to go. Yes it healthier (coffs) and there are lots and lots of benefits, but sometimes I wonder, who of those skinny Boney models, that we are bombarded with every day, are truly deeply happy?

Who said Big Beautiful Women can’t be happy too? Even though society tries to push them out, the BBW’s have a remarkable tendency to bounce back, and when they do, they come back 10 times harder and even more driven to prove people wrong.

Right, so where is this coming from? Well, a wee while ago, I had the pleasure of shooting a BBW. My goodness was I ever so impressed.

Meet Jorina. She is a 28yo Grade 1 teacher.


She is confident, beautiful, fashionable. She takes care of herself, she has manicured nails, beautiful skin and the most amazing hair. To be honest, she takes better care of herself thank most skinny Boney people I’ve seen. The best of all, as beautiful as she is on the outside, she has the same beautiful properties in her heart. She is friendly, laughs alot and her confidence shines through her smile.

So you know what ladies, be proud of who you are. Look after yourself and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise or put you down.

Here are a few International Plus Size models:

1. Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon used to be thin and had problems with anorexia. Once she beat anorexia she quickly gained a lot of weight going from a size 6 to a size 14. Her initial career was as a thin model with a signed contract for Elite NYC. This career didn’t do so well but after she gained weight and became a plus size she has been more successful and happier with herself. She has made it to the cover and been the spotlight of many editorial magazines such as Vogue magazine and MODE magazine

2. Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown’s big break as a Plus Size model came when she won Tyra Bank’s Thick and Sexy Top Model Contest that appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in 2006. Not only did she win the title but she also landed a contract with Wilhelmina Models and a photo shoot with bombshell Magazine. She has had many features with Bombshell magazine, Plus Model Magazine, Igigi Model of the Month and more.

So go on, have a pouty perfect day!


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5 responses to “It’s all in the mind

  1. Stunning post! I agree. Everyone has pros and cons. I believe in working out. But if you want to look like a body builder and use enhancers, then you on so the wrong track. So unhealthy. And you spend all your time pomping iron instead of having a life. A close relative of mine had bulimia. And what a stuff up it is. Stuff you up emotionally and mentally too.

  2. Jorina is flippen gorgeous btw.

  3. ladyhellfire

    Stunning shoot M 🙂
    Beautiful post indeed, But why is it that there is a constant bashing on skinny/”Bony” models, i can’t recall coming accross all that many posts/blog etc about skinny models bashing on plus size models.

    I rate society is just messed up!
    To each his own, i’m sure we all have our reasons for the way we look, think, act and so fort and i’m sure we’re all happy with the way we do things, so why the constant “Competition” (if i may) between the two different types of models, the market/industry is huge and just as humanity will always come in different shapes, colors and sizes there will always be a place for each and everyone of us. If you are comfortable and proud of who you are, big up’s, as in the end YOU, yourself is all that counts.

    Have a stunning weekend lady’s and always be true to yourself 🙂

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  5. Jorina is beautiful!
    I hate the term BBW, or big beautiful women, it grills me… hahaha but I do agree with Hesmarie, but at the end of the day, there will always be the skinny models, the “average” sized models and then the plus size models…
    Some of my favourite models are Crystal Renn, and Candice Huffine, as mentioned in my one blog post here:
    At the end of the day, depending on what the client wants to portray to sell their product, is ultimately up to them, and when it is ultimately up to them it ends up in being what is 100% acceptable by society.
    Not sure if you read this post:
    It may interest you too…
    Much love xxx

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