An Open Letter to: Little Miss Desperate Broadcaster

Dear Desperate;

disclaimer: take anything and everything said by me with a pinch of salt on move on... do not dwell on what could have been said or not said in this post... if you think this post may be about you, it probably is but don't be so vain... that is all.

Your constant seeking of attention has really started to get on my tits, and I have to tell you that you appear somewhat crazy in my eyes. I hardly ever log onto any of my various social networks without seeing your name splattered all over my screen, be it on my phone or my PC and I am a little concerned for your mental wellbeing.

Can it be healthy to spend so much time on social networking and do you really think you are famous because you will always get a response to anything you post, the responses are generally because you love to post about how you don’t understand how people, namely love interests, can treat you the way they do. The replies to all your posts are generally from creepy men on the other side of their computers who not only respond to your every post but every other pretty girl on the internet that would let them have the privledge to respond to…

I need inform you that not all men are dicks. I see various people have told you this many a time and you continue to disagree with them and try to convince them of your argument. I have been biting my lip on this topic many a time when I have been subjected to sit around you and listen to you whine about how terrible the male species are in general. I am sorry to say this, but from all your “badl luck” in relationships, it seems to be that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, from my outside point of view anyway.

Humans, by nature these days seem to blame anyone but themselves for their own misfortunes and wrong doings. People love to let the world know that they are upset with this or cannot believe this person did that or what a dick your new boyfriend is because of some stupid reason.

You will very rarely see a person who has gone through a breakup or hardship with a friend actually say “well, I was wrong” and putting it on your Facebook status does not count as admitting to being “sorry”, man up, grow some balls and say it to that persons face and make sure you make your point – very clear!

You, Miss Desperate Broadcaster,  in particular have been in various relationships, each relationship that breaks up, you happen to fall into the next relationship within a few hours, (even sometimes with the person you just broke up with), and I have to tell you, if you are silly enough to believe that fighting, then breaking and getting back together (and broadcasting it to the entire world), is good and healthy for any relationship… you are doing it wrong. Very wrong.

Let’s not forget after each and every fight and breakup you find yourself telling the entire world how you love being single, and you will be single for a very long time – we all know that isn’t true, so don’t lie to us, and stop lying to yourself. And then you coincedently check into your “baby’s home” or “lovers abode” sometimes you have been known to check into your ex’s house…. Ugh, you make sick.

Get over it. I, for one, really do not care. You just annoy me. I just thought you should know.

You are abusing the internet, I believe you should be banned for at least a month, but the problem is, would you be able to survive a month without broadcasting your life to the world in the hopes of getting countless repsonses to your many rants and raves about how terrible the world is to you?



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5 responses to “An Open Letter to: Little Miss Desperate Broadcaster

  1. Boooooooooooool YA. LOVE THIS POST and agree with everything you say!

  2. Shortnez

    I love this post! I’ve a few people I can relate this too.
    On Point! 🙂

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