So Silly… Why Did Jessica Leandra rush to Twitter?

Hi Pouters!

In South African “model” news today, FHM  models winner 2011 has had her title stripped from her after posting a racist tweet yesterday afternoon on her twitter account @jessicaleandra

She later “apologised” and has posted an apology blog.

She has already lost her FHM 2011 Model Winner and Quick Trim Sponsorship


While, she is currently trending on Twitter, and after having FHM broadcast an official statement on their website that her title has been taken away with immediate effect, rather harshly, but not without reason and QuickTrimSA pulling her sponsorship as well as one of her listed charities – Little Eden releasing a statement which says they “condemn racism” , it is needless to say that she is probably not having the best Friday…

I think she is extremely stupid to have posted this on her Twitter page, as it seems, the rest of the country is. If the incident wasas bad as she is describing it to be, WHY DID SHE NOT GET OFF HER TWITTER ACCOUNT AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE POLICE?

Maybe there was a terrible situation she had been in, but as she said she is not going to disclose any of the information of what happened, so guess what, we’ll never know…

I firmly believed from when they announced the top 10 for 2011 (which I was following as one of my friends was in it), that she was far too young to achieve such a title, if I am not mistaken she was 18 at the time, competiting against real ladies, in their twenties, and unfortunately maybe this has been a lesson learned by FHM for running competitions to teenagers to enter. Teenagers are not always as mature as their bodies and typing skills may appear.

Will all the press be ultimately good for her career? I personally don’t think so, unless if she changes her name as something like racism in South Africa can not be tolerated, even out of anger… Because, lets be honest, its not only the black population that are involved in sexual harassment, every other colour under the rainbow nation will also have lots of incidents of this nature.

As Rian Geldenhuys said on the Modelbook Facebook Group:

“Model” – One serving as an example to be imitated or compared: a model of decorum. Not this one”

My only hope is that if she can scrape her career off the floor after this, that she will learn to act prudently on her online marketing and social networking, and learn to be a true role model.

Enjoy the weekend Pouters!

xxxxx missfitzzz xxxxx


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