Do you love baking?

I love it!  Unfortunately I just don’t have enough time to bake as much as I’d like to.  I dream of being a sexy, talented, funny, awesome kitchen goddess one day.  Baking away for my man and loved ones.  I am going to attempt cake pops soon.  Hopefully this weekend.  It’s delicious and absolutely addictive.

But I’m here to show you the most CREATIVE form of  ‘dessert’ which you can make to impress your friends, family and more when you having a dinner party or just a party.  I can see myself making these very often when I become a home-executive. haha. That’s the professional term for a housewife.

So here it is….


What you’ll need.  Oreos, ice-cream, cream, straws, clean mini flower pots, plain vanilla or chiffon cake and real flowers.

Slice the cake.  Personally I prefer it thin.  Just under 2cm so that it isn’t too dry and you can layer more in each pot. Two layers of cake per pot is more than enough.

Get a round cookie cutter and press into the slices of the cake you previously cut.  Make sure it is small enough to fit into the flowerpot. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, a cup will do.

Make sure the pots are clean and not too large.

Start off with the cake slice as the base.

Get the straw, hold it against the pot.

Snip the straw.  Not level to the pot.  About 2cm shorter.  You don’t want it sticking out.

Stick the straw right in the centre!

And this is why the pots should be small.  Each guest can have one!

Now add the ice-cream.  After this you can add another layer of cake and then some cream.

Get those oreos into a blender!  You’ll see why…..


As you can see, the oreos act as the ‘soil’.  How cute is that!!!

Now you can put the flower of choice into the straw.  Now you see this all coming together, don’t you?

AWWW how pretty.

Remember, if you’re going to use ice-cream, make sure you serve it as soon as possible.  

I would add pieces of strawberry, berries or even banana in-between the layers of cake and cream.  

I reckon its my D.I.Y must-do of 2012!  Impress your guests and have fun!  Be creative!

Enjoy your flower pot cake!!!




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  1. Very creative! Looks so yummy!

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  3. I just looked at this again. I am now hungry.
    Thank you Sandy.
    I don’t think the dead plant on my desk will be tasty at all 😛

  4. Wonderful, that is whatever ended up being encoding to get! You just spared me a lots of browsing all around.

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