Father of Six’s Crazy Discovery

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Five years ago, a gentleman who had been happily married for 25 years who had six children went to the hospital with a kidney stone and left with a piece of Earth changing news – he was actually a woman.

Steve Crecelius, now known as Stevie Crecelius, is sharing her story. Steve was happily married to his wife and working as a photographer in Denver, Colorado, when he learnt he was actually intersex, born with both male and female anatomy. Stevie explained her story:

“I had a kidney stone and we’re in the emergency room. The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says,’huh, this says you’re a female’

It validated everything I had always felt inside. I remember wearing my mom’s clothes and makeup, very secretly, not telling anybody. And I thought I was hiding who I was, and I wasn’t”

Steve decided to begin living as Stevie, as a woman. Part of the process was explaining the decision to her children, but all of them, and Stevie’s wife were supportive.

“Within a few minutes, all of them said, ‘I don’t care dad; I love you for who you are.”

Five years later, today, Stevie lives happily as a woman. She takes hormones but has no plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery… and she is still married. Her wife, Debbie Crecelius told Fox News:

I didn’t sign on for this but who signs on for anything, she’s still the same person she was as a he on the inside.”

Stevie and Debbie

Stevie spoke about her marriage to Debbie and simply said:

She relates to my heart and soul, and I still relate to hers, and I think that’s the essence of true love.”

I think it takes a strong person to change their entire way of living, from being male to female, even if they have all the bits there. So I take my hat off to Stevie for being so mentally strong about this, and even more so to Stevie’s wife and children for being loving and supportive of their fathers decision. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to wrap your head around that information when you first get told that your partner is no longer the opposite sex, they are the same sex as you, and that your dad is no longer your dad, he is now your mom 2 or daddette. It boggles my mind


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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to find out
    more details.

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