Celebs Showing Their “Bumps”

Hiya Poutlings!

The thought of pregnancy and childbirth, really freak me out, so much so, I never want to be pregnant and never want kids. That is however, another discussion for a different day.

Sandylashxx, I apologise profusely, I know, that even more than me you do not like pregnancy bumps. haha. But I have a point. Promise.

A new trend recently has been that all these prenant celebs, or “famous” mums-to-be take photos of themselves during the pregnancy for the world to see. We saw Jessica Simpson in all her pregnany glory on the cover of Elle and Nia Long did the same on the cover of Ebony.

Alessandra Ambrosio is no different, her pregnancy which she just gave birth to a healthy boy recently – I posted about it here. This time it was not for a magazine cover, but for a Brazilian jewelry company named Vivara.

The company could be promoting “push gifts“, which is present a man gives his child’s mother for giving birth.

In any case, Alessandra, one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels, looks beautiful, albeit a bit creepy to me (sorry pregnancy lovers) but, even if I didn’t think it was a bit creepy, if I looked past my views on pregnancy… I just think a pregnancy photo to promote and sell jewelry seems a bit odd.

Alessandra posted the picture above from the shoot on her Facebook in April.

I haven’t come across a full advertising campaign as of yet, but I’m sure if I wasn’t too lazy to google it, I’m sure somehwere… I’d find it.


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One response to “Celebs Showing Their “Bumps”

  1. Shortnez

    I’m sorry to any pregnancy loving people out there but that “bump” should remain hidden.
    Its too disturbing to the rest of us who are “miffed out” by this pregnancy & child birth.

    Its weird & should remain hidden as it’s supposedly an intimate thing.
    A jewellery advert with a pregnant woman, No thank you. Thats just downright creepy.

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