Celeb Spotlight : Johnny’s Got Guitar Skills

Hiya once again Poutlings,

Without a doubt, one of the worlds most sought after man, Johnny Depp managed to up his “most wanted” status last night at the MTV Movie Awards.

Let me just put this out there… (Please crazed lady fans DO NOT HURT ME!!) I seriously cannot understand the fascination women have when it comes to Johnny Depp, I admit, and admire his acting skills and diversity he has when it comes to being on film, I simply cannot grasp why women think he is soooo attractive. It is beyond me.The most attractive feature about him to me, is that make loves him. *hides from deranged wanna-be-mrs-depp-fans* However, he’s going to be even more irresistible to the above mentioned ladies after last night.

He unleashed his charm and talents on the guitar when he took to the stage to perform with The Black Keys.

Johnny caused the audience at the Gibson Amphitheratre to erupt into a frenzy as he strummed alongside the rock duo to play their hit songs Gold on the Ceiling and Lonely Boy.

On Twitter, several of Johnny’s fans only had praise for his impressive skills and took to the site to express their thoughts. Celebrity fan, presenter Mario Lopez wrote:

“Johnny Depp performing right in front of me with The Black Keys… Pretty cool”.

While Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone tweeted:

“Moment of the evening, Johnny Depp performing with the Black Keys.”

Wearing his usual, ‘uniform’ the 48 year old wore a checked short sleeve shirt underneath a striped waistcoat with a pair of dark jeans.

He accessorised with a Glady’s Tamez Millinery hat, several silver rings and he tied a dotted scarf around his neck.

Johnny Depp was also presented with the MTV Generation Award last night which was presented to him by Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry.

Johnny received the award for enabling his onscreen presence to transcent through generations and for his outstanding contributions. Following viewing a montage of his fimography at the ceremony which was hosted by Rusell Brand, Johnny joked that the award was a code for retiring.

His acceptance speech began:

“This is quite an amazing honor.’ [then he joked] This is the get out of the business award. Based on watching all of those clips, there is clearly something wrong with me.”


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