This week’s featured makeup artist is…


Could you tell our readers a little more about yourself and where you’re from?

 My name is Kristiana, I am 20 years old, and I come from a small country in Europe- Latvia, which is located by the Baltic sea. I have finished an Art college, a music school, a make-up school and consider myself more as a multi-artist, but at the moment my attention has come to make-up artistry.

Describe to us your makeup art style.

I’d say that I love to do more artistic and dramatic looks, than normal, everyday ones. Although recently I have come to conclusion that I want to focus on more editorial and runway looks, as I have figured that this is the field where I would love to work.

How did you get started with makeup?  When did you get into the more creative side of it?

I started experimenting with make-up about 7 or 8 years ago, when I was 13. At that time it seemed nothing special to me. I used only some mascara, eyeliner and gloss, as most of the girls of that age. When I started to listen to let’s say, more heavy music” 😀 , of course the dramatic make-up came as a bonus. When I was 15, I started to express myself with shocking clothing, hair, and make-up, and I guess I never went through that phase, because now I still express myself through make-up.

Who inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Now that I’ve been into make-up seriously for about three years, I’d say I was inspired by youtube gurus, and everything else that happened around me ( I started to go to a make-up school). Somewhere deep inside I already had that technique in my hands, so I had no problem with precise application of the make-up , as well I understood that make-up can be applied to face the same way as the canvas is prepared and painted ( Art school’s education came in handy).

What are the 5 best products you have in your makeup collection?
Illamasqua Satin primer, the best primer ever for dry skin.
Sedona Lace 120 palette, which is very handy and I use it so often.
NYX jumbo pencils, amazing bases for eyeshadows!
Beauty blender for the absolute, most perfect application of foundation!I will MAC Nylon eyeshadow, I use it everywhere, on the lid, on the browbone, and as highlighter for my skin tone.

Do you provide ladies with bridal and prom makeup application?

Of course I do bridal and prom make-up,  this kind of make-up isn’t that creative, I still love to make my client feel beautiful and happy for their special day.

If you had to relive a decade as a MUA, which decade would it be and why?

As much as I love the 1980’s bright make-up, I would say between 1940’s and 1950’s just because I just simply adore pin-up looking make-up and I love to do it!

What is your personal beauty secret you’re willing to share with us?

In my opinion eyebrows are the most important feature of persons  face, because it frames the face. My beauty secret is making them look more dimensional by choosing to fill them with 2 colors. Darker color for the arch of the eyebrow, lighter color goes on the rest of the brow.

This is a technical question.  If a client has  severe acne, which technique do you go about to cover them up?

As I haven’t yet tried airbrush make-up…. I would use a green primer, that would even out the redness, then go with a slight layer of green toned concealer, then use a medium coverage foundation, after that I would go with another slight layer with simple concealer. Set with translucent pure mineral silica powder.



Kristiana has this amazing look to her makeup artistry.   Something about her makeup which looks absolutely different to other makeup artists and reading her interview, one can clearly see that her makeup is art, not just face paint.  Absolutely love her look!  Unique is who she is.  You will be inspired by Kristiana’s attention to detail!  I am slightly jealous of her look, she just has this amazing look to her! Don’t her eyes just haunt you with beauty?

If you’d like to become a Kristiana Zaula fan, click on the following links:

BLOG:  http://kristianathe.blogspot.com/

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/kk_morgion

MAKEUPBEE:  https://www.makeupbee.com/look.php?look_id=30941&qbt=userlooks&qb_loo

BEAUTYLISH:  http://www.beautylish.com/KristianaZaula

I wish Kristiana only success with her makeup artistry!  Definitely one of my favorite artists!!!!




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  2. Wow, its such a pity that Kristiana lives so far away! Her work is exceptional!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us Sands!

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