Men With Lady Hair

Hiya Poutlings!

As we may have learnt by now, I’m a lover of controversial images, controversial advertising, subliminal messaging… etc etc..

That being said, I have to share this with you because…


 Israel’s F.O.D Magazine did a photo spread of men with womanly hairstyles for its June issue. “What A Piece of Work Is Man” is meant to be a reflection on masculinity and gender perceptions in honor of this months Pride celebration.

Not only do I think they’ve touched on a topic that is so widely diverse and open to many areas of argument, I think that these guys hair looks completely fabulous.


Don’t you wonder when looking at these pictures how long some of those styles took?

Well played F.O.D. Magazine!



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8 responses to “Men With Lady Hair

  1. Haha oh gosh I hope this isn’t going to be a trend soon…

  2. AJ

    Just love the idea too bad we didn’t see them in curlers. I think guys can lean a lot from women’s haistyles. Why are we just stuck with ONE style when we get a haircut. Alas I think most men aren’t ready for it yet. Just like that stereotype where men (and women) applaud to women kissing but they are outraged with men kissing

    • it certainly brings about questions about gender and what society thinks is right and wrong… its an interesting topic which can get certain people VERY worked up because of their beliefs, around some people it requires treading on egg shells because they have such closed minds.

  3. caledonian

    I am an old man and I do not wish a head turning look, but I have long hair and get it set on rollers at least once weekly to give me body and to even out the natural curl. Then I have the stylist pull it back through a tie twice and the third time only half way, or twist it up and fold over the tail and fasten with a celtic clasp, or arrange it in a bun on my neck and fasten it with long tooth picks or hair pins. Makes me happy. I get the newspaper read under the drier. James

  4. Yvonne

    I’d like to see more updated modern hairstyles than those shown here. They look a bit stuck in a time warp of the 1960s………

    • James

      These appear to be phony photos mostly with WIGS. I would really like to see some complex hairdos for men that might actually be worn to special events and parties if not to work, and why not to work., James

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