Valeria Lukyanova – Real Living Barbie Doll

Hey Pouters!

So I was just totally freaked out and thought I should share something with you… First, have a look here and tell me what you see:

a Manequin? A Barbie Doll? Some freaky photoshop creation?

If you guessed any of that you would be dead wrong!

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old Russian girl who is known as the closest thing to a real-living barbie doll we have. She has undergone numerous surgeries to look like the doll and well, I think it’s safe to say she’s achieved it.

At first glance though, I thought it was a doll, I didn’t doubt it for one second… then I looked through some more photos, browsed her Facebook and Youtube channel and,  well, I’m dumbfounded at what I found. Yes Pouters, it moves and speaks… it’s the freakiest thing I’ve seen in my life.

Now if Barbie were a real, she would be 5’9”, and her measurements would be 39-18-33 with a size 3 shoe and experts say that Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and would not menstruate. If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions. Even though Valeria does not have the same measurements as Barbie, she comes very very close!

Alright, so let’s take away the fact that she has the wonderful waist, the matte skin and the perfect shiny hair. Am I the only one to notice the dead eyes? The freakishly small head? The fact that next to a normal person, she looks like something out of anime?

Anyway, she is still gorgeous, even if it is a bit weird…

Oh and if you wanna see her move and stuff, check out her Youtube account under the name Amatue.

Happy Friday Pouters xoxox

♥Marinda Liza♥


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13 responses to “Valeria Lukyanova – Real Living Barbie Doll

  1. stacyblaise

    Oh, my. I just can’t have an opinion on that. Wowzer.

    Miss Blaise

  2. I don’t know if I should laugh or gasp at this but I’m LOL for the “Oh and if you wanna see her move and stuff, check out her Youtube account”

    She’s still a kiddie trapped in a young adults body… Okay well in a barbie dolls body seeing that she has more plastic than anything else #NoPunIntended because I mean who wants to look like a barbie besides a small kid? I rather wanna be a Bratz doll… Attitude with Pout Perfect lips + A massive head with a closet full of fashion forward outfits!

    Look! In the 3rd and 7th pic she even does that standing thing that barbie does when still wrapped in the box?

    She’s pretty nonetheless. Would’ve loved to see a “before” pic. Okay I’m talking too much!

    *I’m out*
    *Blows kisses*

    • Wait one last thing… In the last pic she looks like Malibu Barbie! See? I know my barbies! {Be Back Real soon!}

    • Haha it totally slipped my mind to search a before pic 🙂 I will look into it and make another post though! Thanks for you comment, it’s totally true what you say! Hey I wouldn’t mind having Bratz doll eyes either dayum lol

  3. elaine before and after! and how can you say its pretty? look at her waist? thats disgusting. serious

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  5. Wootywoot

    So this is that realistic sex doll that I’ve heard about. Awesome 😀

  6. Lucidity108

    She never smiles! It makes her look like some kind of tortured soul trapped in that body. Fake tits are fine and dandy, whatever. The weirdest thing about her to me, is her lack of expression.

  7. So if she had plastic surgery that means in 20 years she’s going to look like crap right? Look at the celebs with all their botox alone when they reach 50 or 60 and they become fuggly. I’ll run the other way before I have marry her. Although I wouldn’t mind a one night stand.

  8. d

    Actually, she IS a complete photoshop creation, no surgeries. She’s 27 not 1,

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